Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Dieudonné will remain at the Golden Touch? Justice slice today – Le Figaro

The polemicist know today if he can continue giving his shows in the Paris theater where it occurs for almost 15 years.

At noon, Dieudonné could have no more room in which to produce. The owners of the theater of the Golden Hand, where he gave his shows for 15 years, sought his expulsion from the room. Justice slice today.

Before the Civil Court of Paris, the lawyer of Dieudonné François Dangléhant, in June asked the judges to reject the terms of the assignment by the owners and pronounce the nullity of the proceedings.

The owners blame mainly to the controversial comedian to have sublet the room. Counsel for the owners, Dominique Cohen-Trumer, had noted that when they acquired the site in 2011, the company was Bonnie Productions who held the lease. Now the operation of the room seemed in fact meet the company Les Productions de la Plume.

Noting that the “lease prohibits subletting” and that there had “been no insurance for two years, an extremely serious fault in a theater, “counsel had demanded termination of the lease and eviction of Dieudonné of the room.

The lawyer of Dieudonné, Me Dangléhant, s’ protested against “a surge operation to expel Dieudonné”, lambasting the owners for having “never refused the Plume Productions pays the rent, 13.000 euros a month.” As for insurance, he said that there had been “pressured to make terminate.”

If it were placed at the door of the theater of the Golden Hand, Dieudonné could be without drop point: he comes to engage in a new legal battle against the owner of a rented room by his company in Saint-Denis, near Paris, where he was expelled

The polemicist has assigned an interim owner of this new room for the “restitution of places and their rehabilitation.” The owner had reported the lease stating “a defect of consent”, not knowing that it was Dieudonné who would produce it and refusing “to promote a company shows that sows hatred.”

In April, the comedian suffered the same fate in a Brussels theater, where he had hidden the true nature of his show to happen there, before being forbidden to show by justice Belgian.

Dieudonné M’bala M’bala was repeatedly condemned for defamation, insult and incitement to hatred and racial discrimination. He was also sentenced to 22.500 euro fine for anti-Semitic remarks in one of his shows. One of them had also been banned early 2014, a rare measure.


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