Saturday, September 26, 2015

Patrick Pelloux do more work with Charlie Hebdo – Liberation

The ER Patrick Pelloux, columnist Charlie Hebdo for twelve years, announced on the student radio Web7Radio it would stop its cooperation with the satirical weekly, a decision confirmed by an AFP journalist Charlie.

“If I decided to stop writing in Charlie Hebdo, that’s because there is something that is done” says to Patrick Pelloux Web7Radio. This departure, “probably early January” , was confirmed to AFP by Zineb El Rhazoui, journalist of Charlie Hebdo, the drafting has been decimated by an attack in January. The emergency room was one of the first to arrive on the scene after the attack.

Patrick Pelloux announcement comes as the designer Luz confirmed Wednesday that he would leave the newspaper next week. “There are others who will continue this newspaper Charlie Hebdo and I remain at heart but you have to turn the page a day” says Patrick Pelloux granted in the Friday night service Web7Radio to.

“I think I will not bring anything to this newspaper. I will go unheralded “ early next year, he added, noting that he did ” more courage to continue every week, “ .

“I am very happy to announce at a radio school students because I think other media have drawn too much on with Charlie Hebdo made things. It does not require a blank check but just to be a little respected “, continues the emergency room, which became known in the media in 2003 by alerting the health consequences of the heat wave.

“Patrick told me he left last night,” , said Zineb El Rhazoui. “Today it is clear that things are not going well with management (Charlie Hebdo, ed.) Patrick is one of the people who are in the crosshairs for months “, she assured, citing disputes related to financial and editorial matters, but also in ” split decision “ in writing.

The editor of the weekly, Gérard Biard, told AFP will not be aware of the decision of Patrick Pelloux.



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