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Charlie Hebdo: “I decided to quit,” says Patrick Pelloux – Le Parisien

26 Sept. 2015, 11:05 | Updated: 26 Sept. 2015, 12:34

Patrick Pelloux will leave Charlie Hebdo. The ER was announced in an interview with the student radio web7Radio. “Probably in January,” he said. “If I decided to stop writing in Charlie Hebdo, that’s because there is something that is done.

There are others who will continue this newspaper Charlie Hebdo and I remain at heart but you have to turn the page one day, “said Patrick Pelloux.

“I think I will not bring anything to this newspaper,” he has yet explained. Patrick Pelloux is not the first to leave the satirical weekly since the attack on 7 January, in which 12 people, designers and collaborators, were killed. This week, the designer Luz who confirmed, as he had announced in May that he would leave the newspaper at the end of the month. Patrick Pelloux entered in 1992 in Charlie Hebdo.

In the same interview, the ER also says he wants “more talk of attacks, it’s probably the last time I talk in a media “.

relations soured with the newspaper’s management

The editor of Charlie Hebdo knows big tensions in recent months. While the newspaper after the attacks raised EUR 30 million in donations, grants and sales, relations between management and journalists have festered in the spring. Employees united in demanding a collective rethinking of governance in order to create a more collegial capital structure. “We refuse a handful of individuals to take control, total or partial, in absolute disregard of those who make it,” wrote the group consisting of the particular journalist Zineb El-Rhazoui, Luz and Patric Pelloux.

“Patrick told me he left last night,” reported Zineb El Rhazoui AFP. “Today it is clear that things are not going well with management. Patrick is one of the people who are in the crosshairs for months, “she assured, citing disputes related to financial and editorial issues but also to” split decision “within the editor.

 The editor of the weekly, Gérard Biard, has indicated he will not be aware of the decision of Patrick Pelloux.

This is Patrick Pelloux that January 7, after arriving at the offices of Charlie Hebdo few minutes after the shooting, had called on President Francois Hollande to warn him of the attack.

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