Monday, September 28, 2015

Versailles: “the vagina of the Queen” degraded again – Le Point

“minor” damage has occurred on one of the stone blocks of Dirty Corner , the sculpture of Anish Kapoor exposed in the gardens of Versailles and vandalized several times in recent months, Does said Monday at the public institution. “This seems to be a scratch to the nail on a gold leaf masking the anti-Semitic graffiti on one of the rocks located around the sculpture,” said the direction of the castle. “There are three engraved letters, a B, an L and an A and the beginning of a fourth appears to be a million,” said management. She was not able, at this time, to say when this entry was made. “It happens that we have such as scratches in the Hall of Mirrors, doorways or on park benches,” she noted.

Dubbed by some media the ” vagina of the Queen, “ Dirty Corner , a monumental steel trunk 60 meters long to the obvious sexual connotations, is surrounded by several stone blocks, part of the work. The sculpture has been vandalized three times since June. It was notably degraded September 6 by large anti-Semitic inscriptions traced with white paint. Anish Kapoor asked, firstly, that these insults are not withdrawn, saying that now “these infamous words were part” of the work. But following a court decision, the tags had been masked by black cloth. The artist had then asked one of its teams to cover them with gold leaves.

After the first two degradations, new security measures have been taken to protect the controversial work : patrol dog handlers, police patrols, additional surveillance cameras. An investigation has been entrusted to officers of the departmental safety of Yvelines

LOOK reporting of Point , made in June.


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