Tuesday, September 15, 2015

“Marguerite”: Catherine Frot, shattering Castafiore – The Point

You will recall that this impostor did believe in a whole village of the Centre he was a construction contractor, and that he would get them through the highway called their wishes: studies, work, everything was set in motion until the deception is unmasked. Giannoli is was largely inspired for his film Originally , with François Cluzet. In this case, everyone had believed a man who pretended to believe. Because it is important to believe in something, God, brotherhood, Lionel Messi … even if it is an illusion. Such at least is the credo of Giannoli.

Marguerite , it reverses the argument. The Castafiore is the only one to believe, despite its waterfall false notes she does not hear, she has a voice talent, while all the others obviously do not, but pretend to believe. This time it is all the others who are impostors, poor being the only one to show sincerity. But the pact holds, misunderstanding also (by which the world works, wrote Baudelaire), the misunderstanding, and hardly believable, whole entourage continues the charade.

No matter what, you say ! Go and look towards Florence Foster Jenkins, model Margaret and Catherine Frot who with his overwhelming performance of the naive turkey stuffing, already putting an option on Giannoli 2016. Caesars had the good idea to transpose all the History in Paris 1920 where pierces Dadaism, infatuated with these broken beauties, twisted and dissonant, that flourished on the rubble of the barbarism of the First World War.

Baroque and delirious

The self-talk is a fascinating phenomenon. Is it a coincidence that the first name of Florence Foster Jenkins was Narcissas? Signs that should not thwart the vocation of his children, Jenkins had parents who would not let her sing. There was of course during his “career” – private concerts – laughter, mockery. In good logic, she attributed them to jealousy. The rest of the audience applauded with kindness and love, amused by the difference

The most revealing anecdote of his real passion is the story of the taxi. Having narrowly escaped a very serious accident she sent a box of cigars to the driver because the collision had allowed her to scream and catch unintentionally even more acute note. How to say better she put music on top of his life, the perpetual search for perfection, anyway?

His first public concert was also the last. Carnegie Hall: 25 October 1944 while the GIs liberated Europe from Nazism, Jenkins released before a live audience of connoisseurs burst its false notes. The mirror broke. Critics éreintèrent. Two days later, she had a heart attack … in a music store. It is said that Hergé was inspired to Castafiore. One thing is certain, he allowed Giannoli to be the baton of one of the best French films of the year, funny and moving at once baroque and delirious, movie glory that transcends a wonderful character.

Marguerite , exit 16 September


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