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Taken 3: Liam Neeson in the trailer of the latest installment – TF1

But when will we finally file peace Liam Neeson ? Finally his character Bryan Mills, the hero of Taken ? The poor former special agent, believed to be at ease from his latest adventures in Istanbul, finds himself once again in trouble, hunted, threatened when wrongly accused of murdering his ex-wife is among him in Los Angeles. On the run and hunted by Inspector Dotzler, Mills will have to use his special skills one last time to find the real culprit, prove his innocence and protect the only person who now has for him – his daughter.

recipe Taken has not changed since the first episode, which dates back to 2008, can be seen in the first trailer of the third component whose implementation was entrusted to Olivier Megaton, renewed after the success of Taken 2 . Liam Neeson is always the man who strives to protect his, whatever the consequences. The problem is that he finds himself hunted by those who could help him.

The cast of Taken 3, Liam Neeson can count on the support of Maggie Grace in the role of his daughter, Famke Janssen that of his ex-wife while Forest Whitaker embodies the inspector who tracks him down.

Taken is one of the most iconic French success in recent years, Produced and written by Luc Besson , the first component was a surprise by winning the American box office with $ 145 million in revenue. Worldwide, the franchise has already grossed more than $ 600 million in revenue. The third episode should certainly bring even higher, beyond the billion. See you in theaters on January 28th.


Taken 3: Liam Neeson desperate to finish – Le Figaro

VIDEO – The first trailer for the action film by Olivier Megaton, was released today. Bryan Mills is back in action for what promises to be the final installment of the saga.

“I’ll finish as I started çe” . The sentence, handed down in the trailer of Taken 3 by the character of Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) resonates in a very special way to the ears of fans of the saga. Besides recalls the “I’ll be back” Terminator , as it announces that this is the third and final installment of the trilogy Taken .

The slogan written on the official poster, “This is where it all ends,” also seems to indicate that this is the last episode of one of the few successful franchises Hex movie which is exported abroad.

In view of the first images of this trailer extremely effective, it is found that the cocktail is just as explosive. Between action scenes dizzying, frantic chases, frenzied hunt, fight hand to hand, Irish actor Liam Neeson still seems omnipresent in a thriller fashioned for him.

The plot? While he is wrongly accused of murdering his ex-wife is (Famke Janssen), this spook hearted decides to disappear from circulation to better protect the only person who now has his eyes, his daughter Kim. Hunted by the inspector Dotzler, played by Forest Whitaker, the hero became a ‘false guilty to Hitchcock, “will also have to use all his skills to find the real culprit and prove his innocence.

Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen use the eternal spring of the fugitive hero, all enhanced by the sting of paranoia classic spy movies. Always produced by EuropaCorp, the film will hit theaters on January 28th 2015


“So are they” seminarians Arte returns for a second … – lepopulaire.fr


(AFP) – Season 1 had enjoyed unexpected success there two years. The series of Arte “So are they,” which tells the questions of young seminarians and plunges the viewer into the mysteries of the Church, returned Tuesday for a second season.


Broadcast in October 2012 – just before “Ghosts” on Canal +, another flagship embodying a new impetus for French series – Season 1, which followed the first steps of aspirants to the priesthood seminar had attracted an average 1.4 million viewers, a 5.3% audience share. A good score for the Franco-German channel, which signed its best audience here in 2012 for his box “Series” on Thursday.


Noticed in France but also abroad, this series of bold subject, produced by Bruno Nahon (“Louise Wimmer”, “The Invisibles”), was sold among others in Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland … and its remake rights already purchased in Italy, are currently under discussion in the United States.


Season 2, which has already received in April the prize for best French serial Series Mania festival, continues to explore the lives of seminarians Yann (Julien Bouanich), Guillaume (Clement Manuel) and Raphael (Clement Roussier) under the authority of the strict new director of Capuchin seminary in Paris, Father Bosco (Thierry Gimenez.)


Regaining these young men as they come into the second year of seminary, the new season is still more than the first character-driven, their doubts, their cases of conscience, addressing issues related to faith but also topics such as the body and sexuality, or topical issues such as gay marriage.


“For us, this is a series about the world today and commitment, great choice. Obviously, as the place is the seminar, like the universe is the Church as an institution, we try to be strong on what is said on this universe. But what interests us is the world’s human, “said Vincent Poymiro, one of the co-authors of the series.


“We left our characters, and of course of course their views on what is happening today. But it is their human questions about their relationship to the world, their desires, their commitments” he says.






– Third current season –


More tightened, producing less intrigue and shifting towards longer sequences, season 2 of the series also explores choir, but without proof, on political issues such as the financing of the Church, with a new high character color, Monsignor Poileaux, played by Jacques Bonaffé.


Powered chairman of the Conference of Bishops of France, the man initially overwhelmed by his duties, will try to save the Church from bankruptcy.


“The financial aspect of the Church is something we wanted to deal with too. Gradually subjects are needed, but it’s coming organically, our characters,” said David Elkaim , another co-author of the series.


“Our problem is always to see what the issues in the news mean” adds producer Bruno Nahon.


Other series on the religious world, little attention so far, have flourished in the world over the past two years as the Australian “Devil’s playground” – on power relations within the Catholic Church in the 80 – or the Israeli “Mekimi” – retracing the journey of a talk show presenter who became ultra-Orthodox Jewish. “So are they,” is part of this wave she helped initiate.


“A series in that environment, we know that it’s complicated (…) Our job is to ensure that each scene is involved”, to “tell the characters,” says Bruno Nahon. “It’s a series that gets better with time, is beginning to have its aficionados around the world,” he adds.


A third season, already being filmed, is expected to be released within a year.


The Evil Within: new and horrific gameplay video – Generation NT

The Evil Within - thumbnail

                     A new video of The Evil Within, next survival horror from the creator of Resident Evil, was published and commented in French, to get an idea of ​​the grip needed to survive the terrible abominations Crimson City.

Paré out in a few days on PC and consoles, The Evil Within pleases without any doubt survival horror enthusiasts. Shinji Mikami designed by – the father of the Resident Evil series – Tango Gameworks and studio, the title offers a degree of horror but also and especially a more exacerbated in other current productions survival dimension

<. p> The Evil Within - 1 new video published by Bethesda Softworks confirms clearly that the gameplay aloigne of pure action and hard to focus more readily to infiltration discretion. The ammunition will be scarce and it will take user environments to save money.

Asylum will be the most peaceful place game, in which it will be possible to improve its capabilities. This will be necessary to avoid and / or fight horrible monsters of the city of Crimson City.

The Evil Within will be marketed October 14, 2014 in Europe , PC, PS4, One Xbox, PS3 and Xbox 360.




The Evil Within: gore, fear and survival menu gameplay – Screenrush

Check out a video of the gameplay of “The Evil Within”, the new game Shinji Mikami master. Game release scheduled on October 14 …

The Evil Within, Survival Horror master Shinji Mikami, is revealed a little more with a gameplay video (see below). Dubbed “All balls count”, the clip is appropriately focused on “survival” means the use of resources, the management of ammunition …

Developed by Shinji Mikami, The Evil Within will plunge player in an immersive world made of fear, anguish and horror. Investigating a horrible carnage, Detective Sebastian Castellanos faces a mysterious and powerful force. During an ambush, Sebastian is stunned. When he wakes up, he finds himself in an unhealthy world filled with hideous creatures …

The Evil Within released on October 14th on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC.

The gameplay:


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Both Prince and two discs in one day – The World

The World | • Updated | By

Prince and 3rdEyeGirl, guitarist Donna Grantis (left), bassist Ida Nielsen and harvester Hannah Ford.

Also read:” Side albums, Prince sees double “

The impregnation of rock Prince, whose trainers heroes were the great soul and funk master James Brown Sly Stone and George Clinton, is not new. Whether through some recordings ( The Undertaker, released on video in 1995, a trio blues-rock-funk hendrixien) or in concert with compositions in the spirit of the times or . Creating 3rdEyeGirl with guitarist Donna Grantis, bassist Ida Nielsen and harvester Hannah Ford, had heard through Internet broadcasting of several pieces, some rehearsals and concerts with big sound, a princely want develop that part of his inspiration.

VERSION most polished

Plectrumelectrum is now the phonographic record of that collaboration. A release announced several times since the spring of 2013, the album sounds more polissée version of some themes as they could be heard in concert. His rock entrance, with crosses and rhythmic guitaristic basic, yet often proves effective, if not fireworks ( Pretzelbodylogic, Plectrumelectrum, Fixurlifeup that ends with a failed jam, Anotherlove, Marz, downright punk, less than 2 minutes, Funknroll .)

Prince 2014

But the project, which at times seems collective and appears to other dominated by Prince, is not pushing his point to the end – it was hoped a larger deployment soloist. And you end up with pop deviations ( Whitecaps, sung by Hannah Ford, could be part of the California catalog of Fleetwood Mac), reggae ( Stopthistrain again sung by Hannah Ford) or a hip-hop variety vague way girls band ( Boytrouble ), rather weak in writing and treatment.


By opening, Art Official Age generates a start of surprise. Prince or Daft Punk? The grip of guitar, melodic chant against the synthesizer, a hedonistic atmosphere of techno evening outweigh the song. But by instrumental inserts breaks tempo, fast stylistic blends, Prince embraced the theme.

As when, everywhere, he made an obvious use-exploration of current sounds and sound modes ( Clouds with Liane La Havas, U Know What It Feels Like, with Andy Allo, a synthetic version of Funknroll up most clearly in that direction). Sometimes the more easily it could be the source. A personal comment more than a race to “modernity.”


Other compositions fall more clearly in treatment, even the blink of an eye, a universe framed by the past decades. The ballad roughly epic The Breakdown output in April, believed that the version on the album would ignore the sounds of lightsabers incongruous This Could Be Us , Time with strings … Or, one of the most referenced album tracks The Gold Standard with its minimalist guitar way Kiss (1986 ), which in addition a piece of melody is found in the beginning of the chorus, the voice slowed in severe Bob George (1986), the winds “in the James Brown” NPG Horns.

At the end of the album, flights of strings, a disembodied voice repeating the phrase “Until I Find my Way Back Home” (until I find the way home), the effects of waves, a few notes on the piano. End enigmatic nothing in line with the progress of the author

See also:. Prince, Thom Yorke, Beyonce, U2, Jay-Z …: the art of promotion Experimental

Plectrumelectrum Prince & amp <- - atom snippet!>; 3rdEyeGirl, 1 CD NPG Records Warner Bros. Records / Warner Music; Art Official Age Prince, 1 CD NPG Records Warner Bros. Records / Warner Music.


Thom Yorke solo disc surprise – Le Figaro

To everyone’s surprise, the singer of Radiohead released their second album, released on the Internet, where he continues in the vein of electro The Eraser .

While the singer announced that Radiohead start work on a new album, three years after The King of Limbs , Thom Yorke out by surprise (the mode) a solo album.

It has added an extension to his creative hydra. Since the early 90s, the musician has developed three projects with which it works in different directions. First, there is the centerpiece, Radiohead. To this group, the experiments and the legendary passage of rock to experimental electro album with Kid A in 2000, better than anyone, the group represented the transition to a new digital era. Then there Atoms for Peace, formed in 2009 including Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers, where he is working to produce a complementary alternative rock band Radiohead. And then there is the solo project.

His latest album, Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes , anchor, at least in how it spreads, its project in the modern era. Already for the last disc of Radiohead fans could pay the amount they wanted to download . This time, Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes aired on BitTorrent, a system for sharing data peer-to-peer , usually used by Internet users to illegally obtain movies and music.

To get the files, just pay $ 6 (a little more than four euros). The opportunity to reaffirm Yorke, with his producer Nigel Goldrich always, his ambitions out of the system and use new technologies. In a world where artists still struggle daily against illegal downloading, the leader of Radiohead innovates with this proposal, which limits the intermediaries between creators and the public.

The solo project of Thom Yorke, which has already spawned the hybrid object The Eraser in 2006, is the third head of the hydra. Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes is one of the products: hard to catch a disc, while catchy electronic loops and electro brain. Yorke currently experiencing its complex layers, which, despite their apparent impermeability, almost disappointed by their lack of surprises.

The solo project of the artist is not to open new ways and give rise to new currents, but to be the container of his obsessions, music (discontinuous beats of drum machines, disturbing the piano, synths) as intellectual. The sullen anger of A Brain in a Bottle in the dark Truth Ray , Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes is the place where artistic agonies nest, and the heavy melancholy disc ran aground in a beautiful last title, Nose Grows Some . An appetizer for the scheduled explosion of new Radiohead, planned in 2015.


Letter André Breton in support of Jean-Jacques Pauvert, editor … – The Huffington Post

<- Entry Text ->

Jean-Jacques Pauvert (April 8, 1926 – September 27, 2014) is an atypical and glorious figure of the French edition of the twentieth century, which re-released figures marginal, scandalous or forgotten in French literature, particularly erotic. Resistant to the age of 16 years, Jean-Jacques Pauvert decides, on the advice of André Breton published “for the first time ever with a name and address of publisher without cuts” all the work of Sade in the late 40s in 1956, charged with “indecent assault”, is held the “trial Sade” the greatest French intellectuals (George Bataille, Paulhan …) come to defend and André Breton writing this letter Ultimately the Tribunal. Sentenced then acquitted on appeal, Pauvert labored to weakening of censorship and could complete his monumental biography of Sade, the title more than ever: Sade living

The Marquis. Sade was careful to say (and this is an often quoted phrase): “I only speak to people who can hear me; those only read me safe. “This sentence, I think we can take it literally. He does not speak, it means not only that it only addresses – but he has a chance to move to the point of influencing their thinking and acting, that beings qualified in any way to immediately reach the latent content of what he says. We know, because they all wanted to testify, as is the case of poets such as Lamartine, Petrus Borel, Baudelaire, Swinburne, Lautréamont, Apollinaire; writers who have most deeply excavated the human soul, such as Stendhal, Nietzsche, Barbey d’Aurevilly. It is also significant that the interpreters of the work of Sade (which can not be abstract of his life) are mostly scientists.

Doctors, as Eugen Duehren as Maurice Heine, have placed such importance that it was they who took the initiative to publish or republish what had long been lost or had become untraceable . Work that, under their responsibility, or have been awarded as outstanding are often those whose manifest content, considered in terms of the current morality, cause the greatest disapproval.

They estimated, for higher reasons, they had to ignore, believing rightly that manifest content, for those who would stick to him, would be likely to cause repulsion, not the attraction, anyway – by its own excesses – rebuterait lovers licentious publications, which are legion. The so-called “poison” therefore has here its antidote:

The charms of horror not drunk that strong

work. Sade and stands in its true light, proceeding from that of some Gnostics, Carpocratians the second century AD, and to a lesser extent, the Cathars, but extends far ahead.

We can, I think, to stick to the opinion of Charles Henry, the director of the Laboratory of Physiology sensations at the Sorbonne on. In his pamphlet, The Truth about the Marquis de Sade, published in 1887, Charles Henry cites the motto behind which is subtracted Sade:

It is not criminal to paint
Strange inclinations inspired nature

He commented: “The followers of moral experience could not conclude otherwise. “II there has already seventy years, to a mind like this, Sade took figure, either Monster subversion that must contrive to smudge, but a moralist whose lesson should at any price, be lost.

I know – to know him personally – Jean-Jacques Pauvert, editing the works for which he is charged, has obeyed other motive than wanting to be the executor This judgment, as in the nineteenth century until the twentieth, with very differently oriented but which share the characteristic of being as enlightened qu’éclairants minds. For the centenary of Madame Bovary and Les Fleurs du Mal, I have no doubt that the Court may wish to consider him. Culture, like freedom, is to me one and indivisible, I testify, in good conscience, that, like no other, Jean-Jacques Pauvert today fulfills its role and contributes greatly to the intellectual influence of this country, Sade when he reissued as when he republished Littre.

André Breton

to Jean-Jacques Pauvert, with affection.

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Happy Birthday Brigitte Bardot: The controversy 5 sentences of … – Staragora

Happy Birthday Brigitte Bardot! The actress is celebrating its 80 years, and can be satisfied with a wonderful career and a reputation still intact. However, the sultry blonde 60s has never minced his words and is also known for its shock sentences. Back on his five statements that created some controversy.

1. “ For 16 years, she said, I fight against the ritual slaughter of sheep during this holiday. This may be a great party, but for me it’s a horror “

In 1996, Brigitte Bardot signed his first controversy by denouncing Muslim rites for the feast of Eid al-Adha in an article Figaro . At the time, the actress was even convicted for “ provocation to racial discrimination.”

2. “ Marine Le Pen is the Joan of Arc of the century”

While the National Front continues to rise in notoriety and that many stars are fighting against expansion, Brigitte Bardot does not hesitate and takes his support for the party of Marine Le Pen. The actress even compare the President of the National Front to Joan of Arc highlighting his fight and saying she wants Marine Le Pen “ saves France.”

3. “ Some homosexuals have always had a taste and a more subtle talent, (…) until it all degenerates into pussies low floor queens of all hair freaks. “

In addition to being accused of racism, Brigitte Bardot goes into other controversies making questionable statements about homosexuals. In his book, A cry for silence , released in 2003, the actress does not mince words about the homosexual cause. That said, she denies being homophobic in the gay magazine Tribe Move, but the damage seems to have already done.

4. “ There are tired of being led by the nose by this whole population which is destroying us, destroying our country by imposing its acts”

In 2006, Brigitte Bardot supports Nicolas Sarkozy and in a letter to the former President of the Republic, the actress recurrence of his statements regarding Muslims and their rite. After yet another sentence and 15,000 euro fine for “inciting racial hatred,” his relatives took his defense by saying that Brigitte Bardot wants only to protect animal cause.

5. “ I have decided to apply for Russian citizenship in order to run this country is no longer a pet cemetery”

In a press statement released on January 4, Brigitte Bardot had threatened to leave France for Russia, as his colleague Gérard Depardieu. The reason? Not the French tax, but again and again the protection of animals, following the request for euthanasia Baby and Nepal, two elephants Zoo Lyon with TB.

And you, that do you think


PHOTOS – “Mission Impossible 5″ after the Burj Khalifa in Dubai … – MetroNews

This is the king of the waterfall. Tom Cruise, 52 since July 3, no question of entrusting the action scenes in lining … even when the danger is great. After climbing the tallest tower in the world in Dubai, Mission: Impossible 4 aired Sunday night on France 2, the American actor was late August in Austria to afford a descent reminder of the Vienna State Opera, under the new installment of the franchise. And as you can see in his smile, he seems to love it.

Rebecca Ferguson, his new co-star

Written and directed by Christopher McQuarrie, director of Jack Reacher , Mission: Impossible 5 seen by the agent Ethan Hunt joined by new partners including actress Swedish Rebecca Ferguson revealed by the series The White Queen , but also the return of Ving Rhames, who played Luther Stickell in the first three episodes, which was absent from the 4th, otherwise a small appearance in the final scene

After Austria, shooting M:. I5 assumed leadership of Morocco, where Tom Cruise would have boxed impressive car chases in the streets Casablanca, Rabat and Marrakech . In France, the movie is scheduled Dec. 23, 2015.


Pauvert, publisher of “sexual liberation” (Fleur Pellerin) – Actualitté.com

After suffering a third stroke at the end of August, the publisher Jean-Jacques Pauvert has just died at the age of 88, in Toulon (see our ActuaLitté). The Culture Minister Fleur Pellerin, praised in a statement that the “paved the way for sexual liberation, not hesitating to shake his time up to the conviction for defying censorship” .

Our colleagues from Release were to meet the editor and biographer of the Marquis de Sade in 2013 on the occasion of the reissue his Sade living (The Tripod editions). Jean-Jacques Pauvert Sade had fallen on the cusp of adolescence, at the age of 16, with the 120 Days of Sodom , a book that had marked him forever.

When he began to publish the works of the divine Marquis, it was the police who landed his home when he was only twenty. Today, there are Sade in paperback. So back on an adventure and a fight that eventually paid off.

Listen to him speak precisely of censorship …

To deepen


Jean-Jacques Pauvert, death of a great editor – Le Figaro

The editor died Saturday at Toulon. He was 88 years old

This is a big name publishing disappears. Jean-Jacques Pauvert died Saturday in Toulon. He was 88 years old, and had never ceased to be an active editor. Last year, he was still working on the reissue of Sade living , his monumental biography of the author of Justine or the Misfortunes of Virtue , published by The Tripod. More than 1,200 pages. And in 2011 he published My reading love: an anthology of the best erotica (The Musardine)

His name will be forever associated with Sade and The Story of O.. But it was more than that, more than what, for convenience, is described as “editor sulfur,” “specialist of erotic literature” or even, for some, a “pornographer.” It’s true, he has never, either, tried to take off the label.

He was 19 when he published his first book in 1945 as a publisher. Two years later, he began the first official edition of the World and full and complete Sade Works. And knows his first trial – all his life he will be a regular courtroom. Editing Sade bring him ten years of conflict with the French government for “gross indecency” as Flaubert, like Baudelaire. After ten years, he will win a court victory that will give him the heart glad and motivated to take on new risks – it has never failed to do. Why he published these licentious works? It is not possible bestseller that interested Jean-Jacques Pauvert – he has yet experienced much, and when he was making money it was to pursue other adventures or to cover heavy costs. No, what interested him above all was the freedom of creation and expression. It has, for example, published Memoirs of a fascist, of Rebatet. Or, more challenging this time, he published a biography of a famous Pétomane Roaring Twenties, named Joseph Pujol. I must say that the authors of this book were funny sacred clowns. Caradec François and Jean Nohain who could spend months hoax

In 1954, Jean-Jacques Pauvert talks in his new reputation. That year, a manuscript distributed illicitly: The Story of O . The novel is signed by an unknown, Pauline Reage, a pseudonym. It is a story could not be more erotic that, to map, praised sexual submission. This novel, which became one of the most emblematic areas of literature, was born of a bet between Jean Paulhan, host of the NRF Gallimard, and the secretary general of the journal, Dominique Aury. This woman who liked to stay in the shadows, author of Anthology of religious poetry , the challenge of Paulhan, who said unable to write an erotic novel. When Paulhan received the manuscript, he knows he holds in his hands a strong and singular text, but can not publish Gallimard house too serious and too prestigious to edit such a text editor … And how -believed it? Jean-Jacques Pauvert, of course. We know that it is not afraid of anything. He says banco. Paulhan wrote a preface wearing a descriptive title, “Happiness in Slavery,” which sums up the spirit of the novel. Noise and controversies in the literary Landerneau. The vice squad tries to unmask Pauline Reage and invests offices Pauvert. Without success: there was no contract copyright

The Story of O will stall the price of Two Magots awarded to an anonymous author!. But the book is banned from sale to minors, and Pauvert continued for obscenity.

It would be unfair to reduce Pauvert erotic genre. He loved above all the art, literature and beautiful texts – it was also an avid graphic book and he took great care in the production of books. He, among others, edited Sagan, Guy Debord, Charles Cros, André Breton, Georges Bataille, Albertine Sarrazin, the Countess de Segur, Dali and many others …

In 1972, the house edition that bears his name is on the winners of the Prix Goncourt Jean Carrière The Hawk Maheux , a title that tells the tragic story of a family chronicle Cevennes.

must also salute the courage of this man who was never the last to reveal young authors or support colleagues in difficulty. It has, for example, helped Regine Deforges when it was experiencing trouble with the law. She became his wife and they had a child.


Jean-Jacques Pauvert, legendary editor and atypical, died – The World

The World | • Updated | By

The editor of the Marquis de Sade and & quot; Story of O & quot; died Saturday at the age of 88 in Toulon, said one of his daughters, Camille Deforges (AFP).

He was said ” publisher despite him “, will go down in history this job as one who has dared to break a taboo in the twentieth century and the work of Sade out of Hell, in which it was put away, by publishing under his name, where a sensational trial in 1958 which led to reducing censorship in France. As a writer, he was also the author of a Historical Anthology of erotic readings, from antiquity to the present day , published in five volumes in stock from 1979 to 2001


Publishing is a business that he met a young age, auspiciously but at a very troubled time. Born April 8, 1926 in Paris, near Montmartre, the young Jean-Jacques Pauvert was a mediocre student in high school Lakanal Sceaux, though already a big player. Born into a family of intellectuals, with a paternal grandfather, a professor at the school and an Alsatian mother’s great-uncle André Salmon, friend of Apollinaire and Max Jacob, he was taken in just 15 years in the office of Gaston Gallimard, by his journalist father who knew him at the end of 1941 “So, sir, so you want to work in the book? “, the apostrophe editor Proust. This is the prologue of Crossing the book , the first volume of the memoirs of Jean-Jacques Pauvert stops in 1968 (Viviane Hamy, 2004).

This first meeting will be followed by many others. The boy was silent, but says nodded. In the early days of 1942, here are powered apprentice seller at Gallimard bookstore boulevard Raspail. “I was a bit in the situation of a teenager in love flowers we made overnight courier at Interflora ‘, he wrote. Soon the teen is comfortable in this environment. In his appetite for reading now combines the physical love of books. Besides shopping and various small trades, he devotes himself to the bibliophile and is his first surrealist library. It also serves as a courier for the Resistance and becomes trapped three months Tours because of a leaflet that was lying in his pockets.

He unconsciousness her sixteenth birthday and met numerous . “You entered like a mill the NRF (Gallimard was not told at the time). I was walking in the hallways and I opened the doors of Paulhan or Queneau “. He would see Camus “beautiful face Mediterranean philosopher” in his small office in the attic. He crosses Marcel Ayme, Montherlant, Sartre, Genet, with whom he sympathizes. It was also during the Second World War he reads in the mantle, Hundred Twenty Days of Sodom , Donatien de Sade, in a collection off trade. It’s a shock, ‘kind of physical shock “, as later wrote Annie Le Brun, who decides his future vocation.


In 1945, he founded The Palimugre, they think first as a magazine, before he became a publishing house and a bookstore. This obscure word, out of the brain of Jean-Jacques Pauvert one morning upon awakening, does not mean anything, but it sounds good and he keeps it. At 19, he also wrote a manifesto in which he claims: “We did not want to get involved. We do not have the spirit of sacrifice. We do not have a sense of duty. We have no respect for the dead. We want to live. Is it so difficult? The world will soon be in the hands of the secret police and directors of conscience. Everything will be engaged. All serve. But we? we do not want useless. “

Editions of Palimugre will turn into Jean-Jacques Pauvert editions and editions in Pauvert, definitely times by Hachette in 1979 Editor budding can be proud of its first titles Explanation of The Stranger , Jean-Paul Sartre and In women , Montherlant. With a group of friends, which include Bernard Gheerbrandt, La Hune bookstore, he meets a girl Christiane Sauviats. Mother of three of his children, Christiane Pauvert (died in 2008) will become the precious auxiliary editions that bear his name. Other discoveries or rediscoveries following: The Good of Jean Genet, The Thief by Georges Darien, The Blue sky by Georges Bataille. He successfully began a republication of Littre, fell into the public domain, under a new format, which takes the name of Littre-Pauvert.

During the winter of 1953-54, he was contacted by an old friend Jean Paulhan who gave him a manuscript entitled Story of O , in a Pauline Reage and assures him that he is not the author. This classic erotica – written by a woman – was panned by right-thinking press, Nouvel Observateur Express . The editor will twenty years left the draw, before one learns the identity of the author, Dominique Aury’s very discreet, Paulhan mistress and secretary of the NRF. The book is not to be sold to minors.

Jean-Jacques Pauvert, “Donatien de Sade takes a single enormous place, not only in French literature, but universal. “ The decision was made: he intends to edit in all the work – yet forbidden – Sade, in his name. It begins with the History Juliet from 1947 to 1949 All her friends crying daredevil: he faces jail. Critics are dumb, the booksellers sulk. “No such literature at home” , said Corti, while trying to place a few volumes in the library of the Medici street. He perseveres. On the right, is accused of demoralizing the youth left to contaminate ordinary women by the vices of bourgeois. Dragged to court suspended his civil rights, but defended by the best lawyer at the time, Mr. Maurice Boy expert censorship laws, he nevertheless completed his business in 1955.

In 1958 Court of Appeal says “Sade is a writer worthy of the name” : The Divine Marquis is finally recognized. At the same time, the court confirmed the conviction of Pauvert without fines or destruction of books. In short, this landmark judgment, after “eleven years of struggle in the dark” defines for the first time the existence of literature for adults. Jean-Jacques Pauvert can continue editing Sade without hindrance.


“I was a remarkable typographer “, he wrote. In his love of books, Pauvert attaches great importance to the form of books. “The French books were of incredible ugliness. (…) I had to principle, even in the 1970s, never to do two books under the same blanket. When we created the collection “ Freedoms ” Jean-François Revel, Pierre Faucheux did a cover kraft paper, with a black band and large print on the cover. Volumes are sought after today, but many booksellers do not want it at the time. “

magazine Bizarre which he used in 1955, the editor Eric Losfeld, Pauvert multiplies blows and discover new talents as Chaval Topor or Sine. He devoted special issues to “case Rimbaud” or Raymond Roussel which republishes Impressions of Africa . In parallel, he created the International Library of erotology and gives free rein to his love for surrealism. He became close to André Breton, who is the man of letters who had the greatest impact. One of his proudest achievements was to publish for the first time in full, the different Manifestos of Surrealism . In 1963, he resumed Foam days that Gallimard had dropped and became the editor of the main works of Boris Vian. ​​

shooter edition Franc he never joined the National Union of publishing, Pauvert liked to say aloud uncomfortable truths. In 1965, he gave a resounding maintenance – still current – the weekly Candide on the industrialization of publishing: “No, this is not the edition is sick, it is the publishers. Never did the books sold so well, and they would sell twice better yet, if we did not publish anything. “ But unlike the boss Midnight Jérôme Lindon, with whom he had bought a van to tour booksellers in Britain in 1955, he let himself be carried away by success. In 1972, he even had the Goncourt with Hawk Maheux, Jean Carrière, while his house was on the verge of bankruptcy. Before that he had sold the rights in 1969 Butterfly Robert Laffont, because he did not like the author, but retained a percentage of sales.

his life, Jean-Jacques Pauvert dared all, many won, so lost is the rule of a job where the talent is dealing with luck. In 1973, he sold a majority stake of his house Hachette and finally retired in 1979 Publisher atypical in a hushed profession, he ignited many minds, but his legend remains engraved, no more judge n ‘off its name in French literature

Read the portrait, published in 2007, Jean-Jacques Pauvert. obsessed publishing


Pauvert, “It never hurts to say what you think” – Release

The publisher Jean-Jacques Pauvert died Saturday at the age of 88. He was the first, in 1947, dared to publish in Sade, making the time his name and address on the covers of books. He was just 21 years old, and began a career that will be tumultuous. Pauvert also publish erotic novel “Story of O”.

The Tripod, the publisher of “Sade living” in Pauvert, reissued last year honors this Sunday that “great editor.” “Mocking censorship and books of etiquette, he revolutionized the publishing world through the force of his choices, his fidelity to the texts he loved and the graphic beauty of his books” writes The Tripod, which publishes in its press a text by Jean-Jacques Pauvert from 1947.

“At 20, Jean-Jacques Pauvert wrote a brief manifesto on what he wanted to live. He added a few months after ironic comments on the naivety of youth and published the whole wafer form. We reproduce the essence of these two texts below, testifying that there has been faithful to the end. “

” Open a refuge to singular minds ”

This is what happened. We fought for freedom of expression, and then when we had it, we did not take advantage. It does not matter. This is an oversight. Some said they had just forgot about. It’s impossible. Tons of flood printed every month, every week, the world of letters. If there was not an ounce of thought in there, we would know. This is not the case. These people are full of intelligence. They are overflowing. The world of letters sweltering intelligence. It is in the hands of teachers. The time has come when, far from contradicting stupidity, it is contradicting intelligence. It was Jean Cocteau who said. And that’s correct. Teachers have lots of ideas. But literature is done with words. That is why, despite appearances, it is so rarely discussed in literature, now in the world of French letters. There is a gap there. If I say that there is a gap, obviously I think we’ll fill it. Repair and forgetting that I mentioned. Because we take care of bad art when you do not mind free.

Do not believe that freedom of spirit implies indifference. We have convictions. One anyway. We think it is not necessary to be “committed” to care for art. Let us be clear. We do not mean that the artist should not be engaged. We say that our commitment is the same to us and did not come into play when we consider the work. Of course, politics is important. But we are dealing with art. It has nothing to do, obviously.


We did not want to get involved. We do not have the spirit of sacrifice. We do not have a sense of duty. We have no respect for the dead. We want to live. Is it so difficult? The world will soon be in the hands of the secret police and directors of conscience. Everything will be engaged. All serve. But we? We do not want useless. We do not want ourselves to be used. A rain of ashes slowly buried under the earth boredom and stress. The men, one by one, join their assignment in herds .We we are innocent of the village. We play with the girls, the sun or literature. With our life too, on occasion. We will do anything rather than taking the large machines used at all. It is dangerous to remove them from the sun to the innocent.

You believed that men were no longer right to choose their side of the barricade and again. You thought everything was in place and could begin. Looking good. Do not you feel that there are still people whose happiness is not in bondage. For whom poetry is not yet a weapon. For that wonderful never left the earth. The days of our lives, we feel that pass. Hour by hour. Forever. The days of our lives will not serve you. Have you really thought it was all over? Did you believe you can really count on any

This life threatened, this life without issue, we are still a few to feel its price. Life is too precious to be used.

I apologize. I went astray. But it never hurts to say what we think. And do not think, on this, I come to define the trend of a team I have deeply shocked many of my classmates. They will tell you a few pages later. If I have a conviction, not to impose it. At a time when both sides fight rally behind their walls, I wanted to welcome deserters minds. I wanted to welcome the freed spirits. Are there still newspapers without instructions? Can we still find artists without hatred and without submission? Solitary designers, poets without a party? He had to give them refuge somewhere.

Open an asylum to singular minds.


I, in twenty years , I will have forty. I like to go through what I think. that led me to have principles. Of course, God does not exist. Obviously, nothing has reason to be. So it is necessary that I take it all in hand. I choose to live. My name is Jean-Jacques Pauvert. I’ll build my life on my ideas. The taste of elegance, civility, art. On respect for the given word. On contempt for things too numerous for me to say. And I print this so that when I have forty years, if I did not keep it there around me to laugh a lot of classmates who will not be worth me.

Printed in February 1947 on the printing presses Van Daele in Paris.


Dany Boon, President of Caesar! – Stars News






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 Credits: PR Photos

Credits: PR Photos

While Caesar film tend to shun the ‘popular’ cinema, one that explodes the box office, yet it is one of the favorite comic actors of French who will chair the next ceremony.

Dany Boon has indeed been chosen by his peers to chair the 40 th Cesar Awards to be held February 20, 2015 at the Theatre du Chatelet.

In a statement Alain Terzian, President of the Academy of Arts et Techniques du Cinéma, did not hide his happiness and pride to announce the news.

Actor Writer, Director, Producer, Artist of all talents, Dany Boon has established itself as an iconic player of Cinema in France and worldwide in theaters and theater.

Always devoted to his directors and the authors, Christian Carion, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Patrice Leconte, Francis Veber, Danièle Thompson, and many others, crowned with multiple nominations for Caesar and for Molière, it will always remain true to its Sticks, worldwide success, highest score in the history of French cinema, for whatever
Claude Berri had noticed at the theater a few years earlier.



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Dany Boon is serious about golf – leJDD.fr

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“very flattered” to have been chosen to preside over the ceremony of the Caesars in February 2015, Dany Boon agrees a rural getaway this weekend the site of the 40th Ryder Cup at Gleneagles (Scotland). This Saturday, he saw Europe make the break on the United States to lead 10-6 before the 12 singles on Sunday. Whoever did laugh more than 20 million French with Welcome to the Sticks in 2008 did not miss anything. In an exclusive interview to JDD , he tells his admiration for “the incredible little game” and “golden hands” young Victor Dubuisson, the only French player selected for the competition.

Dany Boon knows whereof he speaks. Very good amateur, handicap 8 (“but I played 5 this year”), the actor and director has discovered golf late in life, there are about ten years, “Thierry, my director and the brother Sylvie Joly, was playing a lot. He lived on the golf course of the Priory, in the Yvelines. often I was home on the weekends. were written together. I made an introduction and I caught the virus. Golf is exciting because it is very demanding. This is also a good sport for obsessive. And I’m a little … “

To read the interview in full, buy the JDD on iPad or online. Also try our subscription paper offers

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Thierry Marx plunges into ultraviolence Tijuana – 20minutes.fr

Feature – In a new episode of “Passport to Crime” on Saturday at 22:30 on 13th Street …

From our special correspondent in Tijuana

At the Hotel Paradise, he found hell. Bound hand and foot, he was fatally shot in the head. An anonymous victim in the war on drugs. “A settling of accounts between cartels, it seems,” commented Thierry Marx. Welcome to Tijuana, Mexico, where the chef played the great witnesses for ten days in February for a new episode of documentary Passport to the crime , released Saturday at 22:30 on 13th Street .

Crossing the border on foot, 25 miles south of San Diego, concrete, barbed wire and automatic rifles set the scene in Tijuana is a city on. However, the number of homicides in this city of 1.3 million is down from 850 in 2010 to 530 last year. “With the weakening of the Arellano Felix cartel, there were agreements to better share the traffic,” says Victor Clark Alfaro Mexican expert. According to him, with the takeover of the Sinaloa cartel, the ultraviolence is less publicized and more pragmatic. “It’s more efficient for business. There is less beheadings and more murders by gunfire. “

Ghosts channel

Corpses, Thierry Marx saw during his first life paratrooper and peacekeeper Lebanon. In Tijuana, he was above all marked “human misery”. In an alley in the Zona Norte is 20 euros the pass. “For two positions, and 30 euros if the girl is naked,” smiles a prostitute. The latter can scroll to see 20 clients per night. If it does not have enough money back, it will be beaten and raped by the “narcos” who control drug trafficking and that of human beings.

While many migrants face every danger to pass the American side, 100,000 Mexicans are deported every year in the United States. Expelled from paradise, between 1000 and 3000 survive on the canal banks of Tijuana. Underground. Paperless, homeless and unemployed, those ghosts ravaged by crack and meth dug holes fortune and stay there, close to the border. With a pair of binoculars, they could almost see this endless wall that empties into the ocean. The American dream, so close and yet so far.

 * Philippe Berry


Dany Boon will chair the 40th ceremony of the Caesars – Europe 1

Europe 1


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For ch’ti actor is a rematch. Dany Boon, actor and director of “Welcome to the Sticks”, will chair the 40th ceremony in February, said Friday Alain Terzian, President of the Academy of Arts et Techniques du Cinéma. In 2009, Dany Boon came to Caesars in sweat pants because his film had obtained one nomination.

An actor “iconic.” On 20 February at the Theatre du Chatelet, he will succeed François Cluzet, president this year, and Jamel Debbouze in 2013 In a statement, Alain Terzian’s rationale explaining that Dany Boon, “actor, writer, director, producer, artist all the talents “,” stands out as an iconic film actor in France and worldwide in theaters and theater “

& gt;. & gt; ALSO – Dany Boon is about to turn his “big film” Hollywood

“Always devoted to his directors and the authors, Christian Carion, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Patrice Leconte, Francis Veber, Danièle Thompson , and many others, crowned with multiple nominations for the Caesars and the Molière, it will always remain true to its Sticks, global success, highest score in the history of French cinema, Claude Berri for one had noticed theater a few years earlier, “concluded the President of the Academy.

Unhappy with the sole appointment of his film in 2009. At the Césars 2009 comedian had burst on stage in orange tracksuit pants under a black jacket running: “This is my tuxedo Caesars … when I bought it they told me it’s not worth that we sell you down, you’ll never, Caesar! ” Disappointed by the single appointment under the scenario for his comedy “Welcome to the Sticks”, the second biggest hit of all time in France after “Titanic”, he had previously announced he would be absent. His film was left empty-handed

& gt;. & Gt; ALSO – Supercondriaque, “treatment” that owes nothing to pay


Dany Boon is the 40th president Césars – Europe 1

Europe 1


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For ch’ti actor is a rematch. Dany Boon, actor and director of “Welcome to the Sticks”, will chair the 40th ceremony in February, said Friday Alain Terzian, President of the Academy of Arts et Techniques du Cinéma. In 2009, Dany Boon came to Caesars in sweat pants because his film had obtained one nomination.

An actor “iconic.” On 20 February at the Theatre du Chatelet, he will succeed François Cluzet, president this year, and Jamel Debbouze in 2013 In a statement, Alain Terzian’s rationale explaining that Dany Boon, “actor, writer, director, producer, artist all the talents “,” stands out as an iconic film actor in France and worldwide in theaters and theater “

& gt;. & gt; ALSO – Dany Boon is about to turn his “big film” Hollywood

“Always devoted to his directors and the authors, Christian Carion, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Patrice Leconte, Francis Veber, Danièle Thompson , and many others, crowned with multiple nominations for the Caesars and the Molière, it will always remain true to its Sticks, global success, highest score in the history of French cinema, Claude Berri for one had noticed theater a few years earlier, “concluded the President of the Academy.

Unhappy with the sole appointment of his film in 2009. At the Césars 2009 comedian had burst on stage in orange tracksuit pants under a black jacket running: “This is my tuxedo Caesars … when I bought it they told me it’s not worth that we sell you down, you’ll never, Caesar! ” Disappointed by the single appointment under the scenario for his comedy “Welcome to the Sticks”, the second biggest hit of all time in France after “Titanic”, he had previously announced he would be absent. His film was left empty-handed

& gt;. & Gt; ALSO – Supercondriaque, “treatment” that owes nothing to pay


Dany Boon President Cesar 2015: “I hope I’ll be … – She

He wants to be the “president of the reconciliation of all the cinemas.” Actor and director Dany Boon 48 years was chosen to chair the 40th Cesar Awards ceremony, announced the Academy president Alain Terzian said in a statement Friday night. A role “wonderful” according to the actor who hopes to be “up to the task,” said RTL.

“Actor, writer, director, producer, artist of all talents, Dany Boon s’ established itself as an iconic film actor in France and worldwide in theaters and the theater, “writes Alain Terzian in particular to justify that choice. “Always devoted to his directors and the authors, Christian Carion, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Patrice Leconte, Francis Veber, Danièle Thompson, and many others, crowned with multiple nominations for Caesar and for Molière, he will always remain faithful its Sticks, global success, highest score in the history of French cinema, Claude Berri for the one noticed at the theater a few years ago, “said he then added.

with the role of President César 2015, Dany Boon takes his revenge. In 2009, he had in fact wanted to boycott the ceremony. He did not understand why “Welcome to the Sticks”, the second biggest hit of all time in France behind “Titanic” had received only one nomination (Best Screenplay). The actor had finally landed on the stage of Theatre Chatelet down orange tracksuit and tuxedo jacket. “I was at home watching TV, and I told myself it’s too stupid Dany” was then launched the director. He added: “This is my tuxedo Cesar … when I bought it they told me it’s not worth it to sell you down, you will never have it, the Caesar ! “. Dany Boon was indeed left empty-handed.

It will wait until November to see the full list of nominees.