Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Casimir: the 40th anniversary of the dinosaur psychedelic orange – Le Figaro

IN PICTURES – On the occasion of the anniversary of the monster nice escaped The Island children Google pays tribute to him. Foo-boulga, mad cow disease, creepage, are scheduled.

“This is a time of laughter and songs …” Already forty years that chorus sounds in the ears of many children. On the occasion of the anniversary of the first broadcast of Casimir, Google pays tribute to one of its famous doodle. Arrived on the small screen Sept. 16, 1974, the orange dinosaur made its first appearance on C3, the third color of the ORTF, then on TF1.

true laboratory television, The Island Children is created by Christophe Izard and Yves Brunier, who double thereafter. Aside from a few interruptions, it will be on the air until 1982, and then re-broadcast on Canal J from 1993 to 1998 on the initiative of Jean-Luc Delarue. Legendary programs such as La Linea Osvaldo Cavandoli (an edgy character where the pen of cartoonist appears) or The Noiraude (a cartoon mad cow decides to s’ lie on the couch of a psychiatrist), passed in front of the eyes of several generations.

Assuming that dear psychedelic side to the 1970s, the creators Casimir place in a setting with warm colors (orange, red, yellow). He is accompanied by his cousin Hippolyte (a green dinosaur), or Leonard, living in a wicker box fox. Shot in public, The island children was part his young audience by inviting them to play with his heroes of all colors.

If it should remain a thing, it would be the recipe for the famous gloubi-boulga, made strawberry jam, chocolate, banana and mustard, accompanied Toulouse sausage. Casimir still advised its impressionable viewers not prepare it at home. , What a wisdom

Listen again to the famous generic The island children :


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