Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Drinking coffee in the mythical Central Perk from Friends is … – TF1

Feel like Rachel Chandler or time for a coffee! Since Wednesday morning, in the district of Soho, New York , an instant coffee in the colors of the legendary Central Perk, HQ heroes Friends was installed specifically for the 20th anniversary of the cult Series . If you find there is (unfortunately) or Chandler, Ross, Monica, Phoebe, Joey and Rachel, you will probably come across the famous barista, Gunther, whose real name is James Michael Tayler. The actor has even, for the occasion, dyed her hair blonde, so that aficionados can recognize easily.

Of course, you can also take place in the famous orange sofa on which are installed, time and again, players Friends . Worship and admire some of the series objects on display in the cafe for the event. As Phoebe’s guitar, or statue-like dog, so dear to Joey. Up to you then to take the incredible “Smelly Cat” of the craziest heroines Friends .

For information, and for those who are, currently in New York, the Central Perk has taken up residence at 199 Lafayette St., and will close on October 18.


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