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Prince and 3rdEyeGirl, guitarist Donna Grantis (left), bassist Ida Nielsen and harvester Hannah Ford.

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The impregnation of rock Prince, whose trainers heroes were the great soul and funk master James Brown Sly Stone and George Clinton, is not new. Whether through some recordings ( The Undertaker, released on video in 1995, a trio blues-rock-funk hendrixien) or in concert with compositions in the spirit of the times or . Creating 3rdEyeGirl with guitarist Donna Grantis, bassist Ida Nielsen and harvester Hannah Ford, had heard through Internet broadcasting of several pieces, some rehearsals and concerts with big sound, a princely want develop that part of his inspiration.

VERSION most polished

Plectrumelectrum is now the phonographic record of that collaboration. A release announced several times since the spring of 2013, the album sounds more polissée version of some themes as they could be heard in concert. His rock entrance, with crosses and rhythmic guitaristic basic, yet often proves effective, if not fireworks ( Pretzelbodylogic, Plectrumelectrum, Fixurlifeup that ends with a failed jam, Anotherlove, Marz, downright punk, less than 2 minutes, Funknroll .)

Prince 2014

But the project, which at times seems collective and appears to other dominated by Prince, is not pushing his point to the end – it was hoped a larger deployment soloist. And you end up with pop deviations ( Whitecaps, sung by Hannah Ford, could be part of the California catalog of Fleetwood Mac), reggae ( Stopthistrain again sung by Hannah Ford) or a hip-hop variety vague way girls band ( Boytrouble ), rather weak in writing and treatment.


By opening, Art Official Age generates a start of surprise. Prince or Daft Punk? The grip of guitar, melodic chant against the synthesizer, a hedonistic atmosphere of techno evening outweigh the song. But by instrumental inserts breaks tempo, fast stylistic blends, Prince embraced the theme.

As when, everywhere, he made an obvious use-exploration of current sounds and sound modes ( Clouds with Liane La Havas, U Know What It Feels Like, with Andy Allo, a synthetic version of Funknroll up most clearly in that direction). Sometimes the more easily it could be the source. A personal comment more than a race to “modernity.”


Other compositions fall more clearly in treatment, even the blink of an eye, a universe framed by the past decades. The ballad roughly epic The Breakdown output in April, believed that the version on the album would ignore the sounds of lightsabers incongruous This Could Be Us , Time with strings … Or, one of the most referenced album tracks The Gold Standard with its minimalist guitar way Kiss (1986 ), which in addition a piece of melody is found in the beginning of the chorus, the voice slowed in severe Bob George (1986), the winds “in the James Brown” NPG Horns.

At the end of the album, flights of strings, a disembodied voice repeating the phrase “Until I Find my Way Back Home” (until I find the way home), the effects of waves, a few notes on the piano. End enigmatic nothing in line with the progress of the author

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Plectrumelectrum Prince & amp <- - atom snippet!>; 3rdEyeGirl, 1 CD NPG Records Warner Bros. Records / Warner Music; Art Official Age Prince, 1 CD NPG Records Warner Bros. Records / Warner Music.


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