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“DeepSea Challenge 3D,” the new documentary by James … –

CINEMA – “DeepSea Challenge 3D adventure of a lifetime” does share a passion for scuba diving from the director of “Titanic” and “Avatar” …

James Cameron has two passions in life: cinema and scuba diving. The director of Avatar is the hero of DeepSea Challenge 3D documentary by John Bruno, Andrew Wright and Ray Quint, where he is seen preparing a risky exploration of the pit Mariana at more than 10,000 feet deep. “I want people to remember me as a filmmaker and an explorer,” Has he told 20Minutes .

joys and frustrations

James Cameron himself helped develop the “DeepSea Challenger,” a small submarine in which he decided to go alone to explore this hostile world. “I think the documentary shows the immense joys and endless frustrations that can be felt when you get into this type of adventure,” he says. Breakdowns and other logistical concerns mark this logbook before the filmmaker takes place in spring 57 this egg in which he can barely move.

Risking his life to his passion

“The main difference between exploration and cinema is that when I make a film, I know the end of the story,” he says. There, Cameron risks his life when he takes on board the submarine. “The most horrible crashing sound are actually reassuring because they want to say that we are still alive,” says Cameron, who nevertheless believes that the game is worth the candle. “I feel a little apprehensive about to dive, but once I am in action, I feel like a kid in an amusement park.”

And soon the space

What awaits in the seabed rather … dark. James Cameron, however, denies having been disappointed. “I had a good idea of ​​what I would find. And it was magical to say that I was the first human being to see it all. ” His enthusiasm is contagious. The viewer vibrates along with him during this incredible human experience which is still much effect the director. Cameron said he did not dream of trying to go into space. “There is still too much to see under the sea. My life will not be enough,” he sighs.

Back on the sets

The explorer has now given way to the director actively working on the follow Avatar . “I do not see myself giving up either of the two activities as they feed and complement. Shipments taught me patience that I use every day when I run a movie, “he insists. And burst out laughing when asked about his reputation as a dictator. “It is impossible that a film is a democracy. I am, however, much calmed me because I learned that you get more of a team by courtesy by the screams. ” The question is whether his colleagues will confirm his statements …

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