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Happy Birthday Brigitte Bardot: The controversy 5 sentences of … – Staragora

Happy Birthday Brigitte Bardot! The actress is celebrating its 80 years, and can be satisfied with a wonderful career and a reputation still intact. However, the sultry blonde 60s has never minced his words and is also known for its shock sentences. Back on his five statements that created some controversy.

1. “ For 16 years, she said, I fight against the ritual slaughter of sheep during this holiday. This may be a great party, but for me it’s a horror “

In 1996, Brigitte Bardot signed his first controversy by denouncing Muslim rites for the feast of Eid al-Adha in an article Figaro . At the time, the actress was even convicted for “ provocation to racial discrimination.”

2. “ Marine Le Pen is the Joan of Arc of the century”

While the National Front continues to rise in notoriety and that many stars are fighting against expansion, Brigitte Bardot does not hesitate and takes his support for the party of Marine Le Pen. The actress even compare the President of the National Front to Joan of Arc highlighting his fight and saying she wants Marine Le Pen “ saves France.”

3. “ Some homosexuals have always had a taste and a more subtle talent, (…) until it all degenerates into pussies low floor queens of all hair freaks. “

In addition to being accused of racism, Brigitte Bardot goes into other controversies making questionable statements about homosexuals. In his book, A cry for silence , released in 2003, the actress does not mince words about the homosexual cause. That said, she denies being homophobic in the gay magazine Tribe Move, but the damage seems to have already done.

4. “ There are tired of being led by the nose by this whole population which is destroying us, destroying our country by imposing its acts”

In 2006, Brigitte Bardot supports Nicolas Sarkozy and in a letter to the former President of the Republic, the actress recurrence of his statements regarding Muslims and their rite. After yet another sentence and 15,000 euro fine for “inciting racial hatred,” his relatives took his defense by saying that Brigitte Bardot wants only to protect animal cause.

5. “ I have decided to apply for Russian citizenship in order to run this country is no longer a pet cemetery”

In a press statement released on January 4, Brigitte Bardot had threatened to leave France for Russia, as his colleague Gérard Depardieu. The reason? Not the French tax, but again and again the protection of animals, following the request for euthanasia Baby and Nepal, two elephants Zoo Lyon with TB.

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