Sunday, September 21, 2014

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Get on Up

You know under many pseudonyms, “Mr. Dynamite,” “The Godfather of Soul,” “The most hard worker in show business.” Prepare to discover the man behind the legend. Born in poverty in South Carolina, in the midst of the Great Depression, in 1933, James Brown survived a youth marred by neglect, sexual abuse, reform schools and prison. Nobody ever taught him the rules of the game. Was intended to break them. From his experience of amateur boxer or street singer, he knew each channel blow in a rhythm that echoed his passion for life. He became one of the most influential performers that marked the soul and funk scene, and the most sampled artist in history continues to inspire the most recognized contemporary artists.

Imagine Hollywood in thirty, forty years. The dream machine she will always need writers and directors to bring standardized products for sale, or will they be generated by an algorithm that would fit your needs and tastes? Get On Up could serve as an example to follow, standard model, as it corresponds to the ideal biopic for two hours available brain. Nothing is more attractive than the hagiography of a superstar of the past that all is forgiven because of a difficult childhood. We thought a lot about Cloclo before the biopic The Godfather of Soul. The “objective” qualities are the same: the interpretation is a disturbing mimicry, the perfect reconstruction until the last hair of styling. The main difference? Here the music is crazy, but you have to admit it’s easier with James Brown with Claude François …

Perfectly produced by Brian Grazer, a goldsmith of the genre, the film is directed application with a first class – Tate Taylor, whom we owe The Help , a work that already fantasizing a possible reconciliation between whites and blacks, as we watch this film, the Time for a scene that will cringe those who remember the rebellious James Brown. Of course, Get on Up deploys narrative clichés and staging of the most popular biopics of the past twenty years – opening where the nicknames of the star, flashbacks are returning shells on the irresistible rise of the singer, scenes where it is expressed to the camera. The film avoids the rough edges, never take the risk of the angle journalist, perhaps next to a great film about the friend who disappears behind the genius of a tyrant password . A real movie-wikipedia, pleasing to the eye and the ear, which makes you want to listen to the best-of , the better.

Yannick Vély


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