Friday, September 26, 2014

Interstellar: the longest Christopher Nolan movie – Go Back

September 26, 2014 By Christopher Foltz

 Since Insomnia , it seems that Christopher Nolan is no longer able to make movies under 2 hours. Quickly make the statements:

  Batman Begins : 140 minutes

  The Prestige : 130 minutes

  The Dark Knight : 152 minutes

  Inception : 148 minutes

  The Dark Knight Rises : 165 minutes

 Today we learn today that its highly anticipated Interstellar will probably blow his personal best since the film would last 169 minutes or 2:49!

 So obviously, a space epic of this magnitude deserves to take the time to tell it, but we already know that the critics do not Nolan will miss this information. If the movie is as good as we would like to believe, it will pass by itself, but if it is missed, hello ordeal.

 Reply on 5 November.


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