Monday, September 22, 2014

rebirth with True Detective? – Cinema

In the 90s, when a movie star was in the trough of the wave, she could always count on a filmmaker like Quentin Tarantino for the bounce (John Travolta in Pulp Fiction Pam Grier in Jackie Brown , David Carradine Kill Bill ). In the 2010s, is on the small screen – and especially HBO -. Comedians that stalled now have the opportunity to reinvent

For example, last year, Matthew McConaughey hit a very big blow investigating alongside Woody Harrelson in the already cult True Detective , regaining credibility that had waned over a career started out with a bang ( Lone Star John Sayles, Contact by Robert Zemeckis, Amistad Steven Spielberg), before seeing chain projects without ambition and self-sabotage ( The Wedding , The Fool’s Gold , Ghosts of Girlfriends Past ).
If the Texan actor certainly had already initiated a return to the forefront, accumulating art films in the last two years ( Killer Joe , MUD ), it’s really thanks to the series of Nic Pizzolatto that McConaughey has everyone agrees, even Oscar voters who awarded him this year’s top award for officially its role in Dallas Buyers Club , but mostly for its Renaissance and all its recent work.

Since then, McConaughey is associated with the lowest all Hollywood projects ( Interstellar by Christopher Nolan, The Sea of Trees Gus Van Sant), as if his interpretation of Rust Cohle True Detective had made him topstar the moment. As he will be the same for the actor who replaces him in Season 2?

Yesterday we learned indeed the name of the first stars of the cast of more True Detective .
Colin Farrell Irish actor of 38 years is similar to that of McConaughey career. Unveiled with great fanfare by the war film homoerotic Tigerland Joel Schumacher, Colin then followed with the biggest – Steven Spielberg ( Minority Report ), Terrence Malick ( The New World ), Oliver Stone ( Alexander ), Michael Mann ( Miami Vice ), or Woody Allen ( The Dream Cassandra ) – before also make choices for lousy career and ending up in outrageous productions of his promising debut as Horrible Bosses or Total Recall? Scheduled memories .

Less media in recent years, we have seen recently in a small role in In the Shadow of Mary (he plays the father PL through in flashbacks) and is currently on view Miss Julie alongside Jessica Chastain. Needless to say that with his involvement in Season 2 True Detective , Colin Farrell returns immediately under the spotlight.

Although the initial shock and surprise will more posts with this second season (as the concept is now known), no doubt that the Irish actor will sign a comeback that will undoubtedly impact on the big screen – starting with The Lobster , a futuristic romance with Rachel Weisz as Léa Seydoux and we’ll find out in 2015 – and it will closely monitor future film projects because maybe, like Matthew McConaughey with Dallas Buyers Club , there he will soon have an Oscar to boot.



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