Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hunger Games 3: Trailer released, Katniss is ready to do anything to … – June News

The revolt is on. In letout explosive new trailer for The Hunger Games 3, Katniss Everdeen has become the leader of the war against the Capitol. However, the young woman is completely disoriented. She, who never wanted all this, is forced to lead the troops into battle. To help her, she can count on his friend, Gale . The latter has always supported his choices and is madly in love with her. If the feelings of Katniss for it are similar, it’s someone else she has in mind. Indeed, she wants to go to war with the districts against the Capitol to save his playmate, Peeta . Indeed, at the end of the second film, he was captured by President Snow. However, in the latest trailer, we can see that it is not at all himself and has decided to fight against his friends. However, Katniss think this is a setup President Snow and wants to save him at any cost.

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However, how far is she prepared to go to save Peeta? Within 5 things to remember the Hunger Games trailer 3, we noted that you had the ambition to release Peeta Capitol. If his friends do not want to save the young man became the leader of the Capitol, she does not want to hear it. Moreover, in the trailer, the message is clear: “We’ll save Peeta all costs, or you’ll have to find another Jay Mockingbird” . This quest to save him she has a double meaning for her? Visits she has strong feelings she has for him? In any case, his rescue will certainly away from Gale . Finally, wanting to save his friend, Katniss will put his life in danger and that of his family. Love Does priceless between Gale and Peeta And, to which the heart of Jay Thrasher he will turn


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