Saturday, September 20, 2014

The European Heritage Days – Les Echos

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special time to visit the French national heritage These days European record every year more than 11 million hits. This 31st edition – dubbed “Cultural heritage, natural heritage” – will once again be an opportunity to discover monuments, churches, theaters, castles, but also private residences across France. In Paris, the special opening will be many, like the Hôtel Salé – future museum Picasso as of October 25. Recently restored by the Chief Architect of Historical Monuments, Stéphane Thouin, the building will house the two days a documentary exhibition on the history of the site.

The basement of the Museum Gaumont usually reserved for researchers, editors, students and directors, will also be available to Parisians, who will shadow the first sound equipment and color, before attend the screening of short films dating from the early twentieth century. Founded in 1989, the institution is now full of posters 6000 200 000 photos from silent films to today, press articles and over 200 photographic and cinematographic equipment manufactured by Gaumont. The City Hall finally open its reception rooms, libraries and the Council Chamber of Paris, the opportunity for visitors to walk inside the monument, but also enjoy many works acquired by the Municipal Fund Contemporary Art (WVF), which brings a total of 20,000 rooms.

In each edition of the Heritage Days, RATP organizes its own hunt in the Parisian metro. This year’s theme is entirely musical as a sponsor with Philippe Manoeuvre. Starting in the footsteps of rock’n’roll, participants will try to win, among others, invitations to “David Bowie is” exhibition at the Philharmonic in March 2015 the side of the Ministry of Agriculture, the heart of the 7th arrondissement, a farm will be installed ephemeral time of the weekend. A course of events on the theme of agroecology awaits visitors, with the presence of farm animals, as well as workshops to create his organic vegetable garden.

In Montpellier, many guided tours will be organized to discover the fountains of the city, the garden of the Queen, or the Opéra Comédie, home backstage. More than 1000 years of history to share with family, walks through the maze of streets in the center story. The city of Lille offers his side programming between culture and nature, with screen printing workshop, visit the Sacred Arts Center and Notre-Dame-De-La-Treille Cathedral, as well as introductions to environmental issues The house by the Sustainable habitat. In connection with the theme “Cultural heritage, natural heritage,” Nantes intended to highlight one of its natural wealth, Erdre river. On foot, by boat, by bike, or treasure hunts, residents can walk playfully throughout the river. More than 100 activities will be implemented through the cathedrals, museums and old buildings of the city.

Like every year, will be given free museums in Marseille, such as the Museum of Mediterranean Archaeology, Contemporary Art Museum or the Museum of Decorative Arts, Earthenware and Fashion. To celebrate the first anniversary of the History Museum, the City of Marseille also invited to rediscover the historical road of Marseille, the ancient Port au MuCEM through the Hotel de Cabre and Memorial Marseillaise. Landmarked St. Jean Cathedral in Lyon will be the subject of special attention this weekend because many craftsmen will gather to share their expertise. In total, 17 000 locations across France that open their doors to visitors.

Cecilia Delporte

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