Friday, September 19, 2014

Star Wars: C3PO faithful to go – Gala

As his sidekick R2D2, C3PO robot will also adventure in the next Star Wars . And like its predecessors, is the Columbia Anthony Daniels who will shoulder the famous golden costume. What delighted him to no end.

His jerky gait, impeccable phrasing but sometimes unbearable … C3PO has also greatly contributed to the success first Star Wars and allowed the saga of George Lucas to enter the collective imagination. JJAbrams therefore could not do without the most famous robot protocol Galaxy for the seventh episode he is doing.

As for the six previous films, is again the dashing Anthony Daniels, who will perform C3PO . The actor tells Entertainment Weekly how the director convinced him to take over the role. “When JJ Abrams called me to ask if I wanted to participate in the adventure Star Wars VII he began, after telling me how he thought I was great, which does really does not take much time, by asking me if I was interested in the idea of ​​double again C-3PO. I told him no, because I did not want to limit myself only to lend my voice . And he said, “Great! I knew you would answer it. ‘”

This is how Anthony Daniels gets ready to leave for new space adventures. Only requirement of the actor: the costume more comfortable as he had the opportunity to wear so far. “ They therefore made a completely new same as the old with the changes you never notice on the screen to make my life easy , he said. So I can put on and remove quickly . ” He also hopes that the result will be better than the last three movies where George Lucas has sometimes used the computer-generated images to put C3PO on the screen. “ With the prequels, C-3PO was synthesized image only during dangerous scenes and I did not find the awesome result. In fact, I’d say it was missed. The difficulty is that I know and I love that character, and as a viewer, I thought, “Oh no, it is not successful. No, he does not move like that! “.”

Eco Star Wars spirit and anxious not to offend the fans of the first hour, JJAbrams should exploit the talent Anthony Daniels . Which is sure to pester and romp on his sidekick R2D2



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