Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Eat your dead today at the movies! – Stars News






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 © Capricci Films

© Capricci Films

Rest assured! “Eat your dead” is not the final insult in fashion but the title part in any case, a film of Jean-Charles Hue and opening today in theaters.

“Eat your dead – Thou shalt not” is the correct title of this French drama depicts Jason Francis, Michael Dauber and Frederic Dorkel

A film that was shown at Cannes this. year as part of the Directors’ Fortnight and was awarded the Jean Vigo, 2014.

Pretty well received by critics, the film finds its audience he theatrically? Initial response tonight with numbers of the very first meetings in Paris

“A furious mix of thriller and road movie” for Telerama.; “An explosive diving among Gypsies” for France Inter;

The synopsis and trailer: Jason Dorkel, 18, belongs to the community of travelers. He will celebrate his Christian baptism while his half brother Fred returns after several years in prison. Together, along with their youngest brother, Michael, impulsive and violent boy, three Dorkel go on trip into the world of “gadjos” looking for a cargo of copper.



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