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Movie Review Eat your dead Jean-Charles Hue After “The Lord of the BM,” Jean-Charles Hue plunges back into the gypsy community, but transcends its docudrama by taking him smoothly to the best thrillers, reinventing a form of noise well French popular mythology.
 Christophe Chabert

They live in caravans on wasteland, speak a slang of their own, have their own rituals and their own code of honor: welcome to the community Travellers will be called hay circumlocutions, gypsies. And welcome to the family where the Dorkel son, Jason, is set to make his Christian baptism; but when his brother returns after a few years in the closet, the boy is torn between following his (bad) example and comply with religious precepts that he instills.


Eat your dead (Do not bear) , says the title of this new film by Jean-Charles Hue, identified by a first foray into gypsy land with The BM of Lord . On one hand, the ultimate insult, the other pastiche of Christian commandment; is somewhere between the trivial and the sublime, but also between the real and the commentary with fiction. One thinks first be familiar with the protocol which Hue films his characters: the closer they are, their language, their massive bodies, tattooed, chiseled; but with enough stage to make clear that it is the hero of a film that follows scriptwriting established canons. This protocol was recently the Party Girl ; here too, the size of a picturesque environment with all attest the truth produced a stunning true, the sensation of entering into uncharted and exciting territory.


Eat your dead , however, does not stick to it then and naturalism, with a quiet strength, leaves gradually fiction take over reality. The film glides slowly, at the option of the night drift of his party characters to steal a shipment of copper in the thriller. Tension mounts to break itself, where Hue then suddenly his device, stylizing his shots – the camera, up to the shoulder and pinned the point of view of the group, began flowing tracking shots enhanced by use efficient alternating montage.


Above all, what the filmmaker was able to install – the credibility of the Gypsy milieu – takes on a mythological force that evokes both the popular thrillers of yesteryear, but also the night of a digital realism and Michael Mann. Hue remonstrate in any case at all Olivier Marchal and Fred Cavaye by an appetite for cinema mad and most importantly, free from the slightest temptation television. A tour de force.


Eat your dead
Jean-Charles Hue (Fr, 1:34) Jason Francis, Michael Dauber …

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From Jean-Charles Hue (Fr, 1:34) Jason Francis, Michael Dauber, Frédéric Dorkel …
Dorkel Jason, 18, belongs to the community of travelers. He will celebrate his Christian baptism while his half brother Fred returns after several years in prison. Together, along with their youngest brother, Michael, impulsive and violent boy, three Dorkel go on trip into the world of “gadjos” looking for a cargo of copper.


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