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Netflix coming! Everything you need to know … – Screenrush

Netflix arrives in France on Monday 15 September. Discover everything you need to know about this giant retailer of entertainment …

We talk for weeks, months, years, centuries, millennia: Netflix is ​​”finally here.” “There,” is France …

Netflix, what is it

Netflix service:

  • video on demand streaming (without download)
  • with subscription (thus SVOD)
  • without commitment (flexibility subscription)
  • with unlimited consumption (no time limit or connection in the volume of videos viewed)
  • a specific catalog.

Established in 1997 by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings (who is now the CEO), the service is primarily a platform DVD rental “unlimited.” Become a streaming site, it is now a heavy weight distribution of the entertainment . Netflix now has over 50 million subscribers worldwide. Available in forty countries, it does not matter to stop its expansion there …

Launch Date

An expansion thus passes by Europe and France. And it is precisely this Monday, September 15 Netflix opened.

Available where?

Netflix is ​​an “Internet” service. Clearly, it is available directly from your “terminal” (a computer or téléconnectée example). But it may also be available from your TV via the famous “box”.

For the French landing, Netflix will, at first, “only” available on the Internet (computers, connected TVs or connected by a key -. Chromecast of type) and not via the “Box”

addicted to the image, the impatient, curious, temporarily deprived or constrained by the lack of Netflix on their “box”, will invest in buying a cable for connecting the computer to the television. A track digging …


Three types of membership are available for launch:

  • 7 99 euros / month for a single screen with a SD
  • 8.99 euros / month for two screens with HD resolution
  • 11.99 euros / month for four screens with a resolution HD resolution


There may be (probably) the sinews of war. In France, that offers Netflix (like movies, series, drawing animated, documentary)? This is (definitely) the “real” question.

Netflix is ​​not a “producer” of content, but “buyer”. Specifically, he buys movies, series, documentaries.

this content can come from a “catalog” existing and potentially released “elsewhere”, or be content “exclusive” (purchased “first-line” to Netflix, such as Orange is the New Black), a significant argument in winning new subscribers.

For her arrival in France, Netflix will offer a catalog of ” depth “still unclear (to keep the” mystery “is also an argument to attract curious! …). At present we know still a few things.

Side Series, the big novel is called Orange is the New Black, Hemlock Grove (already broadcast on American Netflix), Fargo, Bojack Horseman or future French series Marseille. Side reruns, the sérievores can see or review Dexter, Sons of Anarchy, A French Village, Pretty Little Liars and Sherlock.

Side Films, also announced a catalog as “vertical” than “horizontal”. In short: deep and diverse. Season’s Beatings, Kalidor, Belle de Jour, Délicatessen Scarface or are part of a line up that it will likely take a closer look once Netflix is ​​ on line .

How It Works

Netflix is ​​a video service to the “evolutionary” request … and if “adjusts “.

The famous “algorithm” is the matrix of technical and popular success of Netflix. The analysis of “data viewing” (the “data”) one of the keys to success.

according to what the customer looks, “recommendations” made to it. On paper, the system is clear: “Did you like” that movie “, we advise you to look as” some other movie “” . This diabolical service “bounce” is made possible by that “algorithm”

this technique formula, jealously guarded by Netflix, is also subject to “evolution.”: Technical management has constantly improve it, refine it, make it even more effective.

The catalog of Netflix is ​​also guided by a “flexible” strategy and “adjustable”. All “data viewing” (what movie is the most watched, what are the most followed by such subscriber series, what are the most sought after actors in the catalog …) feed and guide, somehow, the strategy Catalog and choices of content (eg sets purchased, whether catalog or “exclusive”.)

This analysis of “data” is essential to the strategy of Netflix.

This Monday, Sept. 15, meeting AlloCine Reed Hastings, Neil Hunt and Ted Sarrandos, the “brains” of Netflix. The opportunity to address precisely the catalog or strategy Netflix. But also to have their views and analysis of the French market …

The trailer of “Orange is the New Black”, a series of Netflix catalog:

Orange Is The New Black Trailer


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