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“So are they” seminarians Arte returns for a second … – lepopulaire.fr


(AFP) – Season 1 had enjoyed unexpected success there two years. The series of Arte “So are they,” which tells the questions of young seminarians and plunges the viewer into the mysteries of the Church, returned Tuesday for a second season.


Broadcast in October 2012 – just before “Ghosts” on Canal +, another flagship embodying a new impetus for French series – Season 1, which followed the first steps of aspirants to the priesthood seminar had attracted an average 1.4 million viewers, a 5.3% audience share. A good score for the Franco-German channel, which signed its best audience here in 2012 for his box “Series” on Thursday.


Noticed in France but also abroad, this series of bold subject, produced by Bruno Nahon (“Louise Wimmer”, “The Invisibles”), was sold among others in Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland … and its remake rights already purchased in Italy, are currently under discussion in the United States.


Season 2, which has already received in April the prize for best French serial Series Mania festival, continues to explore the lives of seminarians Yann (Julien Bouanich), Guillaume (Clement Manuel) and Raphael (Clement Roussier) under the authority of the strict new director of Capuchin seminary in Paris, Father Bosco (Thierry Gimenez.)


Regaining these young men as they come into the second year of seminary, the new season is still more than the first character-driven, their doubts, their cases of conscience, addressing issues related to faith but also topics such as the body and sexuality, or topical issues such as gay marriage.


“For us, this is a series about the world today and commitment, great choice. Obviously, as the place is the seminar, like the universe is the Church as an institution, we try to be strong on what is said on this universe. But what interests us is the world’s human, “said Vincent Poymiro, one of the co-authors of the series.


“We left our characters, and of course of course their views on what is happening today. But it is their human questions about their relationship to the world, their desires, their commitments” he says.






– Third current season –


More tightened, producing less intrigue and shifting towards longer sequences, season 2 of the series also explores choir, but without proof, on political issues such as the financing of the Church, with a new high character color, Monsignor Poileaux, played by Jacques Bonaffé.


Powered chairman of the Conference of Bishops of France, the man initially overwhelmed by his duties, will try to save the Church from bankruptcy.


“The financial aspect of the Church is something we wanted to deal with too. Gradually subjects are needed, but it’s coming organically, our characters,” said David Elkaim , another co-author of the series.


“Our problem is always to see what the issues in the news mean” adds producer Bruno Nahon.


Other series on the religious world, little attention so far, have flourished in the world over the past two years as the Australian “Devil’s playground” – on power relations within the Catholic Church in the 80 – or the Israeli “Mekimi” – retracing the journey of a talk show presenter who became ultra-Orthodox Jewish. “So are they,” is part of this wave she helped initiate.


“A series in that environment, we know that it’s complicated (…) Our job is to ensure that each scene is involved”, to “tell the characters,” says Bruno Nahon. “It’s a series that gets better with time, is beginning to have its aficionados around the world,” he adds.


A third season, already being filmed, is expected to be released within a year.


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