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Heritage Days 2014: the unmissable places to discover – Le Parisien

<- Hard dé e: 0.029784917831421 sec -> The European Heritage Days are back this weekend for their 31th edition. The principle is always the same: to allow you to open the doors of prestigious or unusual places and discover monuments and institutions near you … 16,000 places are and discover throughout France This year the Heritage Days theme “Cultural heritage, natural heritage”.
<- hard dé e: 0.019771099090576 sec -> Protected Areas, areas harboring large natural heritage, nature and natural elements (water, basements, forests) are in the spotlight


A festive weekend, open to all, with free admission predominantly (but not always). Consult the official, comprehensive program in the Ile-de-France and our selection for large French cities

MAP -. Our selection of venues for Heritage Days

Natural Heritage … take the air or underground

Examples of activities or courses in the theme of Heritage Days 2014: “Cultural heritage, natural heritage”

 - Gardens of the serenity to Pau, the garden of Kofu, or Garden of Serenity offers tours + concert koto (Japanese harp)
 - Villa Strassburger in Deauville – visits underground and explore the outdoors. Exhibition “deauvillaises villas during the occupation” to commemorate the 70th anniversary of D-Day.

 - Rayol Estate: Guided tours, exhibition on marine protected area, guided tour of the exhibition “Meeting with biodiversity”

 - The Musée Carnavalet – Golf crypt and catacombs through Paris on the theme of natural heritage
 - Small belt Paris: A guided along the line of disused railway walk will experience nature at Paris from a new perspective

Places “power” always fascinate.

In Paris, among the places that open their doors, places of power are those that attract mostly the curiosity of visitors.

 - Court of Auditors: within the majestic Palais Cambon and modern “Tour Chicago” amazing, you can discover its mission, guided by the judges themselves and employees that have the role of the Court in the Republic and answer questions from visitors.

 - The Elysee Palace: the power of choice, the legendary Hotel d’Evreux open throughout the weekend from 8 to 19h, provide good shoes for 4 hours waiting …

 - City Hall of Paris: guided tours, games, exhibitions of works from Fmac and crafts, etc.

 - The Military School: reconstitution of a camp of the 2nd World War, presentation of vehicles and military equipment

 - Quai d’Orsay art workshops and craft restoration, concerts of the Republican Guard and the choir Voce Diplo, position of the center of diplomatic archives Archives records
Our selection of places to discover powers during Heritage Days

The ideas of visits for families with children

Some locations offer workshops specifically tailored to smaller.

 - Parc de Saint-Cloud: fun course in the historical museum and gardens with a game booklet and puzzles to be completed for children 7 to 11 years.

 - The Museum of Arts and Crafts: for ages 4-6 and their parents, four workshops dedicated (when nature inspires, the paths of water, what energy water, natural photo)

 - Curie Museum: a tale of Marie Curie, “magician” of radium (from 6 years). To find Marie Curie and the history of radioactivity, immerse yourself in the story told by a storyteller. An educational show.

 - Mini-Exhibition of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Agri-Food – Hotel de Villeroy. Young and old can discover the farm animals (cow / calf, chickens, dogs herding demonstration with geese and sheep …) and participate in the events planned in the garden of the department, including a quiz on agriculure
… Our selection of places with entertainment for children / young people

Heritage Days 2014: the special opening, the first opening to the public

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