Thursday, September 18, 2014

The paradox Lady Gaga: veiled in Turkey, naked on Instagram – Le Figaro

The American singer is once again talking about her. So it appeared hidden during his visit to Turkey, she posted nude photos on his Instagram account.

We thought that Lady Gaga s ‘was chastened by his collaboration with the great jazz singer Tony Bennett. This is unfamiliar with the pop star, who in the space of a few days, managed to get noticed by twice. First, the singer, passing in concert in Istanbul, tried to go unnoticed, opting for a somewhat awkward fit. Head covered with a colorful scarf and hidden under a long black dress, Lady Gaga chose to stay hidden, even though it has not lost the eccentricity that characterizes it.

On the Instagram social network Lady Gaga opted for a lot more relaxed … and provocation. She posted pictures of her practically naked, in a hotel. She is seen wearing just a thong, lying casually on a bench and standing, showing off her butt. However, the star had already received a warning from the social network for a picture a little too explicit. That did not stop him from acting up again. A choice that puzzled as to its communications strategy … rather paradoxical.


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