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Léa Seydoux: “If I started to listen to the critics, I would be … – Screenrush

Today, it embodies the famous Celestine’s “Diary of a Chambermaid” Benoît Jacquot. Tomorrow it will be the Bond Girl Daniel Craig. Meeting with Léa Seydoux, the most desired and desiring actress of the moment …

A beautiful encounter between flights: one who brought alongside Benoît Jacquot promote the Diary of a Chambermaid, and the one who will join Daniel Craig and Sam Mendes on the set of James Bond. A large gap that Léa Seydoux and claims even appreciate …

“This is pretty easy and it’s mostly what I like. This is” play “is not it? Being able to invest in different worlds … “

The tone is set. Hey, speaking of universe … After Paulette Goddard Renoir and Jeanne Moreau in Luis Bunuel, the famous actress chose to slip into the boots of the desirable Celestine, Maid of the novel by Octave Mirbeau, it revived under the direction of Benoît Jacquot. A literary hero suit and renowned film, which could have been much to bear . But no …

How Léa Seydoux chose to revive the Celestine Octave Mirbeau

Léa Seydoux Interview

A personal interpretation supported by the French writer-director-mentor, who had already made her fervent admirer of Marie Antoinette in Farewell, My Queen, and, again, gave him the keys of the film. With Jacquot, Léa Seydoux said loudly, she regained confidence and desire to play. If you have a minimum followed the controversy surrounding the film The Life of Adele, surely you know why his passion has been altered so much …

Find out who actually hurt

Léa Seydoux Interview

“And the media frenzy in the end, people do not care and have not chosen! It has fallen and what remains is the object, the movie! ”

The hardest and most useless of the trade then? Criticism, malicious gaze judgments. Easy returns sticks directly linked to success, Leah dodge his way. Trench, ever.

Léa Seydoux, a star that also adored hated?

Léa Seydoux Interview

Believing in yourself, trust … who will return often Expressions in our conversation, as it is important not to squander them for this actress who despite the Palme d’Or in which it was haloed, always intensely doubt what she is capable of.

“I not trying to trust my director … What interests me is … “

Léa Seydoux fight for a” cause “. Which one? Léa Seydoux Interview

His vision of the film, “art of truth and not reality” , it could share it for hours. She chose instead, a few well-chosen phrases to paint this medium she knows since childhood and she intimately understands the laws. These laws have erected criticized above all desires; the side of auteur cinema blockbusters like ….

Who Léa Seydoux she prefers to work?

Léa Seydoux Interview

This is a woman, Rebecca Zlotowski, who offered him two of his best characters. That of a “beautiful thorn” unreachable and that of a bomb “nuclear”, both mysterious glowing.

These other roles? Under the eye of Woody Allen (Midnight in Paris) as Honoré (The Beautiful Person), Tarantino (Inglorious Basterds) as Bonello (Saint Laurent). All different, wild, on the sidelines (The Life of Adele) or established (Ugly).

During his career, this role has surprised Léa Seydoux. Why?

Léa Seydoux Interview

So nice meeting. Between flights and two costumes she seems to endorse without difficulty. After filming the highly anticipated blockbuster Sam Mendes, which will do you find it? When we have so much already “checked boxes” that can still be desired

“carpe diem” Léa Seydoux:

Léa Seydoux Interview


Leah, it was for good – Le Parisien



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Leah, we have the good

IT WILL BE the next James Bond girl in “Spectrum”. Today, Léa Seydoux plays Celestine in “Diary of a Chambermaid,” adaptation of the book by Octave Mirbeau, a thousand miles from his new adventures 007. An …


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Diary of a Chambermaid: Léa Seydoux is back in action – BBC

PORTRAIT – Actress pass the role of Celestine in the film by Benoît Jacquot than the next Bond girl. With lightness.

“This is a woman victim of his condition, which seeks to change social status but still remains in a form of subordination . It is an addiction to another, but still, she made a choice, “suggests Léa Seydoux. For Benoît Jacquot, who had already turned in Farewell to the Queen , the 29 year-old actress picked up the apron Celestine, the heroine of the novel by Octave Mirbeau Diary of a Chambermaid .

Jean Renoir has already brought to the screen in the US in 1946 with Paulette Goddard, but especially Buñuel who has made famous in 1967 by transposing the action in the 1930s, into a vicious satire of the extreme right, and entrusting the role to a provocative Jeanne Moreau. Jacquot back to the original context. Masters and servants in France in the late nineteenth century. This did not stop to make a fine enough reading to let show through, like a watermark, reports on economic and social oppression, domination still in force at the time of globalization.

The investment firm where college Dominique Reymond (excellent) is not so far removed from what Claudine Bories and Patrice Chagnard show in their recent documentary The Rules of the Game . How far can we agree to comply with the requirements for a job? This is the question of the insolent Celestine, too little domestic slave. It passes for unstable and arrogant. Is that it intends to choose his masters, if they can not do without. She will pay the price cap by being drawn to the dark Joseph (Vincent Lindon), with the hope of finding a freer life. Léa Seydoux did not see the first adaptations. She read the book and admits that “it is a little hands fell.”

“He seemed distant, dated, she says. It is a novel angry enough, to be interesting when it came out. But it is the anger of the time. For me, Celestine is ahead of its time. It represents the beginnings of modernity because it rebels. Today, we though it still sees things to acquire, in the field of equality between men and women. Oscar, Patricia Arquette posed the question of wages ?? “

Léa Seydoux do not put as much conviction. “Personally, I have not been raised in the feeling of being inferior to men, and I have never felt inequality. But I think it’s impossible that everyone is equal, except for the essential rights. “

If it is engaged,” it’s not in the speech, she said. But making films that pose certain problems in society such as The Life of Adele , the new about love between two women. I am engaged in the culture. For me it is most important: culture, education, allowing to build his thought, to position itself as individual. I like active characters like Adele or Celestine, who are in survival. If I have a cause, it is this one: wanting to exist, to take charge “

Gracefully resting on her chair, she looks like a bird fallen from the nest with. something else and blur. A bit floating disconnected. She carefully for words: she wants fair, accurate. “I love people who are articulate, perhaps because it has always been difficult for me. It happened to me not to talk. And then I made a psychoanalysis, and having to make memories, emotions, helped me a lot. Teenager is very unpleasant to feel so much and not being able to express them. “

” When I go to a shoot, I need small some futile passions “

Oddly, when it comes from a rather intellectual milieu, she never sought the words in books. “I feel like the words but not to read. It’s not something that I was taught. I was a child left to itself, I watched the cartoons of Walt Disney and I was using my imagination to tell me stories. Even today, I do not read enough. I buy lots of books that I did not open. They surround me and it reassures me. “

What is she, then, to be entertained? “Very mundane things: I see my friends, I plunged back into everyday life. When I turn, this requires such concentration and such energy that I do not have time to have a normal life. We turn, sleep, turn it sleeps. It’s very intense, and when I come out, I need a bit small futile passions, like me care of the decoration of the house to get to relax. “

Next Episode: Léa Seydoux Bond girl in Daniel Craig. Super-sexy? “It’s not a very physical role, she asure. But I still can not identify the character. There are still many scenes to shoot until June And I’m afraid to say too much, you have no right to speak. “But, she concedes, it’s great fun to” change the culture “and Daniel Craig is very friendly.


It is not clear what prompted Benoît Jacquot to redo an adaptation of the Journal of a maid , but it performs flawlessly the program. Without this inner need Rilke asks artists, the director brings his excellent skills.

This is the young Celestine (Léa Seydoux) per bond maid but dreaming of exit part, engaged in an old maid notable Province, Mr. and Mrs. Lanlaire. Madame is a finicky bitterness and persecutes happy staff. It is his only entertainment. Mr advantage of his position to meet – more or less – his libidinous fantasies.

The surrounding villagers, retired military, gossip busty, dark and mute factotum, a complete picture of the petty bourgeoisie picturesque caricature. Cleverly, the director airs history by opening windows on the previous places of Celestine, which reveal other aspects of his personality.

The writing is smart, and Léa Seydoux glowing with youth and lost sensitivity. There is a slut, but an independent temperament poorly stifled by social constraint. Benoît Jacquot treats the period evocation with this refinement that avoids licked sets and applied behavior too. Sets, costumes, manners have just wear this familiar things. Mockery and bitterness spend all the better, as current drafts behind the faded tapestries.


Jay Z launches its streaming service Tidal – BBC

Monday evening, the American rapper and mogul introduced its online music platform, among other competitor Spotify and Deezer. Daft Punk, Rihanna, Arcade Fire and Jack White have teamed to launch.

Jay Z can claim to have gathered the support of the largest figures in contemporary pop music for the launch of its new platform Tidal music streaming. Monday night in New York, the American rapper and mogul was gathered to his sides Madonna, Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Kanye West, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Usher, Daft Punk, Jack White, Arcade Fire, Coldplay’s Chris Martin … . Each of them had come to sign the “Declaration” with Tidal, new competitor to Spotify, Deezer, Qobuz and other Google Music.

The American rapper husband of Beyoncé, and continues to invest in the music business. Former president of Def Jam Recordings label, co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records and founder of Roc Nation (Rita Ora, Rihanna, MIA, Santigold …), created in 2008, he made a leap forward in its grip pop music. Earlier this year, he bought the Swedish company Tidal Aspiro for $ 56 million. Enough to overshadow his sidekick Dr. Dre Beats and service bought by Apple? Jay-Z in any case aims to revolutionize the online music industry, “a creative and commercial point of view.”

What does Tidal exactly? Available in 31 countries, the platform will offer its files into high-quality, his battle leader. For € 19.99 per month, 25 milion titles will be available in CD quality and 75,000 videos in high definition. However, it will also be possible to access the songs in the MP3 standard compressed format for € 9.99 per month. No free version of Tidal was outlined. Launched in November in the US, Tidal is available in France since March.

End 2014, the platform had 540,000 subscribers. Will she better than 15 million paying users of Spotify (about 60 million users) and 6 million Deezer. Jay Z tempers: “I just want to be an alternative. They did not need to lose for me to win, “said he told the New York Times.

The interest of the launch of this service is also the artists’ side. The majority of Tidal share is indeed owned by musicians, including guests of the launching ceremony. Co-owners, they invest primarily in the platform, even if no specific business model has yet been provided. They could, in any case, to publish some of their creation or exclusive preview.

Most importantly, they again become players in this sector, while streaming companies leave them more in the background. Although the details are not specified, probably would find they more their behalf in terms of revenue, while the streaming reported more than CD sales last year, the United States. “It’s a platform that belongs to artists,” said Jay Z in New York Times . As a sign of support for the formal launch of Tidal, many pillars of the music industry had replaced their profile photo yesterday Facebook or Twitter with a cyan blue background.

“Our goal is to so that everyone respects the music again and recognize its value, reaffirmed Jay Z. Everyone knows that the current payment system is not just for artists. Elsewhere, everyone receives a salary for his work. Music is everywhere – it is eaten every day, anywhere. Content creators should be compensated. It’s only fair. “


Should there be Tidal, the music application Jay-Z? – Release

It was a tad immodest this international launch streaming service Tidal. There was Jay-Z, its owner, silent and triumphant; Nicki Minaj, Beyonce and Madonna on a platform; Daft Punk and DJ Deadmau5, disguised as usual; public cries recalling the darkest hours of Hit Machine ; Stars who sign one by one, the official launch of the application, as if they settled an international conflict (conflict they apparently resolved in a meeting broadcast in a video where everyone oscillates between solemn gaze and laughter . uproariously)

We mostly hear the bombastic speeches of a smiling mistress of ceremonies, Alicia Keys: “Tidal strives to maintain an industry that promotes health and sustainability of our art and our industry worldwide “

But what” revolution. “- turquoise apparently, according to the Twitter accounts of shareholders stars Tidal musical -application going -she made, when compared to its competitors, Spotify and Deezer? Its main advantage would be to offer the opportunity to listen to the songs in FLAC (either “Free lossless audio codec”), which is equivalent to CD quality – even if the competitor Qobuz service already offers this compression quality. A test is also provided by Tidal so that the listener checks the audio equipment allows him to hear the difference.


But if an efficient installation or compatible music player, it succeeds only difficult to distinguish one song from FLAC good quality MP3. Let us add that we must also deal with the price difference, consequential 9.99 euros for the MP3 version 19.99 euros for FLAC. Unlike competitors freemium ad-funded, Tidal does not offer free version.

The presence of the clips in HD quality is another asset of Tidal. But fans of independent music will be for their expenses. We will find nothing of the folk-rock band Midlake, or Devin The Dude rapper (these are however not strangers, and their audience is not exactly confidential). Furthermore, no possibility, for now, save them offline: so forget your trips by metro and TGV together images of your favorite artists

In fact, most subscribers. Spotify or Deezer will not see any real differences between their service and Tidal. The catalogs are practically the same, Taylor Swift, for those interested in more about Jay-Z’s streaming service. The offline feature is also available, such as the premium versions of its competitors. But with an application that navigation is not always intuitive (on the screen of the present program, you can not find a piece in one click) … In short, only the best equipped music lovers will have interest to adopt Tidal … Or the fans of Taylor Swift.

As for the sore subject, namely the remuneration of artists, he was strangely absent from the debates. Like its competitors, Tidal reverse artists streamed copyright. One of the leaders of Tidal, Vania Schlogel, explained that these royalties are higher than those paid by the competition (without specifying any amount). With Spotify, for example, an average of between 0,006 reverse dollar and 0.0084 dollar streamed song.

“The purpose of all this is to get people to respect the music again, recognize its value” , said Jay-Z, adding “Water is free. Music costs 6 dollars, and yet nobody wants to pay for it. One should drink for free from the tap – it is so beautiful. And if you want to hear the most beautiful song in the world, then finance the artists’ . It’s beautiful like Taylor Swift.


View Shaun the sheep bleating and fun … – Le Figaro

VIDEO – The directors of Aardman Animation Studios have succeeded in bringing the world of the famous sheep plasticine the small to the big screen. They sign a homemade movie, original and full of surprises.

At a time when parents take their offspring cinema start slowly collectible 3D glasses, simple crafts priceless. It relates rather a name: Aardman. With their cinematic glory in the early 2000s, the British Animation Studios (Wallace and Gromit, Chicken Run) return with Shaun the Sheep, a nice surprise plasticine guarantee full visual gags, since only there bleating and onomatopoeia act as dialogues. Already hero of a TV series, the mischievous Shaun is now at the center of a journey from the English province to the big city where his tenant was accidentally misplaced. For the viewer, it is not about counting sheep: Mark Burton directors and Richard Starzak maintain attention thanks to the very British humor throughout a quaint and modern story, finding the vein of brilliantly Aardman studios.

Meanwhile, the Museum Art Fun in Paris proposes to continue the adventure beyond the theaters and turns, for the opportunity, “filled a huge game room textures and detail. ” Thus Richard Starzak described the exhibition Aardman, art takes shape (until 30 August). “This educational retrospective demonstrates the incredible identity of studios,” says co-director. And it’s not that Shaun the Sheep bêlera otherwise.


Fast and Furious: Helen Mirren wants to play in the next! – Screenrush

British actress Helen Mirren, 69, has just declared it wanted to play in the next installment of the Fast and Furious saga. And if possible at the wheel of one of the cars!

Becoming Elizabeth II in The Queen Queen and drive a racing cars of the saga Fast and Furious ? The big difference is not afraid to British actress Helen Mirren, 69, who has just declared au Site YahooMovies his desire to play in the next installment of the franchise, including the latest installment arrives in theaters Wednesday.

” My ambition is to play in a movie of the saga Fast and Furious . I want to be driving a car “, told Helen Mirren during the promotion of Woman in Gold film. ” I am known for my own stunts always faires car. In the Top Gear TV show, I did a lap in a great time! “

= & gt; View the trailer for” Superfast “parody of” Fast and Furious “

Helen Mirren to chain confessing his admiration for Vin Diesel, star of Fast and Furious . “I must say it is brilliant. I love Vin Diesel “ she says into the microphone of YahooMovies. ” This is a great guy, smart, I love it. If I want to participate in one of the films of the saga, this is both for him and for driving. “

Find Helen Mirren in the credits of the next parts of the saga Fast and Furious is not so surprising as that. The British actress has indeed already proved his love for action films by playing a badass senior in Red and Red 2, alongside Bruce Willis and John Malokovich

Find Helen Mirren in badass mode in “Red 2″!

Red 2 Trailer


“Pulp. A Film About Life, Death & Supermarkets “a” love story … – The World

Le Monde | • Updated | By

A scene from the British documentary Florian Habicht, & quot; Pulp A Film About Life, Death & amp; Supermarkets & quot ;..

The opinion of the “World”: not to be missed

Can we change a dress drive wheel City and discourse, at the same time, about life, death and the power of dreams? When we called Jarvis Cocker, similar exploit is natural. Pulp charismatic leader of the group, the dandy grew up in Sheffield, northern England. Mythical as former industrial cradle that he was born, the group formed in 1978 to shut down in the early 2000′s documentary Florian Habicht ( Love Story , 2010) developed in concert with Jarvis Cocker in reviving the power.

The film is at a key moment in the history of Pulp. As they are reformed, group members are preparing in 2012 to give, in their hometown, the last concert of a triumphant tour. This homecoming is accompanied by extreme pressure. Old friends, family and loved ones will be in the …


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Hugh Jackman will hang the claws of Wolverine – 20minutes.fr

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“Wolverine”, that’s it for Hugh Jackman! – Stars News

There are a little less than a year, it was the spring of 2014, Hugh Jackman aka “Wolverine” confided to SFX magazine that he was not very sure you want to continue to camp out its role. He said “I do not know yet. We talk about it. ” And added that he was safe in all cases 99.99% of it off after a possible 3rd component of human adventures with steel claws.

Yes, but a few days later when the first Australian film “X-Men: Days of Future Past” the actor changed his mind and then he finally confided to IGN had a little thought

 © Twentieth Century Fox

© Twentieth Century Fox

“At some point, you’re right, I said I was pretty sure that” Wolverine 3 “would be my last outing in the role. But I’m less sure now. Because after seeing this film, everything seems clearer to me. I do not want to spoil anything, but it’s like a clean slate, so where will it lead us? “Had he declared. And conclude by adding “As long as I have the passion and the fans are there, then everything is possible.”

Well Hugh Jackman finally decided to hang up! His account of the social network Instagram, the actor posted a photo of his two fists with claws out his claws. To accompany the actor wrote “Wolverine, one last time” (note: “Wolverine, last time”)

In short Wolverine Hugh Jackman will be the last time … Who will succeed him <.? /> p>


“Wolverine” is over for Hugh Jackman! – Stars News

There are a little less than a year, Hugh Jackman aka “Wolverine” confided to SFX magazine that he was not very sure you want to continue to camp out its role. He said “I do not know yet. We talk about it. ” And added that he was safe in all cases 99.99% of it off after a possible 3rd component of human adventures with steel claws.

Yes, but a few days later when the first Australian film “X-Men: Days of Future Past” the actor changed his mind and then he finally confided to IGN had a little thought

 © Twentieth Century Fox

© Twentieth Century Fox

“At some point, you’re right, I said I was pretty sure [that" Wolverine 3 'would be my last outing in the role]. But I’m less sure now. Because after seeing this film, everything seems clearer to me. I do not want to spoil anything, but it’s like a clean slate, so where will it lead us? “Had he declared. And conclude by adding “As long as I have the passion and the fans are there, then everything is possible.”

Well Hugh Jackman finally decided to hang up! His account of the social network Instagram, the actor posted a photo of his two fists with claws out his claws. To accompany the actor wrote “Wolverine, one last time” (note: “Wolverine, last time”)

In short Wolverine Hugh Jackman will be the last time … Who will succeed him <.? /> p>


Hugh Jackman Wolverine will not play again! – TF1

While Jennifer Lawrence will play for the last time young Mystique in X-Men The Apocalypse Hugh Jackman also forsake his role fetish he stood for 15 years. As announced in the 4 words on social networks flap Wolverine 3 to be released in April 2017 will be the last for the actor.

The 46-year-old actor posted on his Instagram account a photo of his two clenched fists. With his right hand, his claws out. As a caption under the photograph is inscribed “Wolverine, one last time” or French “Wolverine, one last time.” The announcement is unequivocal. Supposed departure the reasons? The character of Wolverine is supposed to keep forever the same. In addition, this role requires great physical preparation, the workouts are very intense, maybe too much for the actor who approach their fifties.

What will become Wolverine?

If a replacement is possible, we ask all the same what happens to the character of Wolverine in the series after the departure of Hugh Jackman who incarnated already 6 times on the screen. The publishing house Marvel comics had announced the death of the character of Wolverine in 2014 with the release of four new comic titled The death of Wolverine . Filmmakers perhaps as a chance to kill the character …

The Australian actor will soon Blackbeard in Pan , a new adaptation of the story of Peter Pan – directed by Joe Wright to be released on July 15th at the cinema. He will play with Levi Miller sides Peter Pan and Captain Hook in Garrett Hedlund.


Polar Festival de Beaune: Victoria raid the Grand Prix – BBC

The film by German director Sebastian Schipper won Saturday night the highest award of the seventh edition of the Police International Film Festival. Marshland Alberto Rodriguez has meanwhile been doubly rewarded. Discover the complete results.

chaired by the director and screenwriter Danièle Thomson, the jury, composed of including Jean-François Stévenin, Stéphane Groodt and Elsa Zylberstein, devoted, Victoria , the fourth film promising filmmaker, 47, Sebastian Schipper. His feature film recounts the meeting of Victoria, a young Spanish woman and Sonne and his accomplices in the nightclub outings in Berlin. Carried away by alcohol, adrenaline, adventure and lust for life, Victoria decides to follow them throughout the night, ready to overcome its limitations to share with them the experience of transgression. Sebastian Schipper managed the feat to film the protagonists of his film during 2:20 into one long sequence shot. Victoria will be released on French screens on July 1.

The Jury Prize was awarded ex-aequo to A Second Chance Danish filmmaker Susanne Bier Oscar 2011 Best Foreign Language Film Golden Globe Award for Best European Film Revenge , and the English thriller Hyena Gerard Johnson.

Marshland of the Spaniard Alberto Rodriguez, 44, was twice awarded the Special Prize police and the Critics’ Prize. This sixth embodiment of the Sevillian addresses post-Franco Spain of the 80s and the duality of two police officers, who are total opposites, sent to the heart of Andalusia to solve the brutal murder of two teenage girls.

Finally, the New Blood Award went to Eternal Life of the Austrian Wolfgang Murnberger, 55, eleven films to his credit, including winning the Grand Prix du Cognac Festival with Silentium in 2004.

The International Thriller Film Festival de Beaune honored Saturday night at the director and president of the Institute Lumière Bertrand Tavernier in his presence. At the first festival in 2009, he had received from the hands of Claude Chabrol Grand Prix for his film In the Electric Mist .


Destiny’s Child together on stage in Las Vegas – Le Figaro

VIDEO – The trio reformed the time of a song Saturday night, on the occasion of the Stellar Gospel Music Awards

It was the first surprise of the weekend, before the onset of Taylor Swift guitar with Madonna last night: Destiny’s child were left on three stage on Saturday night. That they were not happened since halftime of the Super Bowl in 2013.

Originally Michelle Williams only had to interpret his single Say Yes , based on the sample a Nigerian gospel titled When Jesus Say Yes . On the stage of the Stellar Gospel Music Awards in Las Vegas, she begins a capella before the lights reveal the presence at his side his two acolytes, Beyonce and Kelly Rowland. The trio was found last year to record this song that appears on Journey To Freedom , Michelle Williams’ fourth studio album. Beyonce and Kelly Rowland also appear in the video for Say Yes .

RnB trio had separated in 2005, having sold over 40 million records. Their performance Saturday night ignited social networks. The reformation rumors are rife since Saturday night. Michelle Williams won her first Stellar Award for Video Say Yes during the ceremony. She just posted yesterday on his Instagram account a picture of her in the company of Beyonce and Kelly Rowland with the comment: “I was so glad that my sisters join me on stage to sing Say Yes front of a beautiful public. [...] There is nothing like the good old days! “


Madonna: a duet with Taylor Swift surprise – Le Figaro

VIDEO – At the iHeartRadio Music Awards last night in Los Angeles, the queen of pop sang her new single Ghosttown . Swift created the event on stage amount with her.

Confirmed earlier in the day, Madonna was one of the most anticipated artists of this ceremony. At 3:48 French time, Mike Tyson walks on stage and ad performance. Taylor Swift accompanying on acoustic guitar. The duo truly a surprise and fans of the two stars were filled by this live performance.

Madonna had Ghosttown , the second single from his thirteenth album Rebel Heart , sales of which are struggling to make progress. She said recently that his fall at the Brit Awards was one of the most embarrassing moments of his life. His performance at iHeartRadio Music Awards fortunately very smoothly.

Taylor Swift was not merely that duet with Madonna. She also won three awards at the ceremony: the song of the year with Shake It Off , the artist of the year and one of the best words with Blank Space .

Madonna shortly expected to unveil the video for Ghosttown . Directed by Jonas Akerlund his friend, the video will benefit from the presence of the actor Terrence Howard, star of Empire American series of the moment. What hope to revive sales of Rebel Heart ?


Sunday, March 29, 2015

James Bond Spectrum: New Mexico unpublished photos – melty.fr

After a first dark and intriguing teaser of the next James Bond movie directed by Sam Mendes spectrum, we invite you to discover some unpublished photos that tell part of the story of 007 in Mexico City . According to various American sources, that is, Mexico will host the opening scene. First scene typically feature films in the James Bond franchise, as its generic example. These first photos of the filming of James Bond spectrum so we have the British agent in full chase over the roofs of Mexico during the celebration of Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos) celebration typical of Mexican culture . That is why we find the crowd made up with the famous masks of Caterina in an atmosphere both festive and somber as reflected in the image of the skull. These photos take us back into the controversy of the change of scenario gracefully paid by Mexico.

In fact, the origin of the first scenario, James Bond spectrum did not show a very positive image of Mexico, which did not please the Mexican authorities. To rectify this, the production has received $ 14 million for the production of James Bond spectrum change this unflattering vision of Mexico. From these images, it appears that the agreement has been achieved. Among the demands of the Mexican authorities there was also a desire to place the cast one of their popular national actress to play the role of Estrella. This is also done as we discover the face on a photo of actress Stephanie Sigman (Estrella), it also masked and celebrating the Day of the Dead. These photos so give us some clues about what might look like this opening scene of James Bond spectrum that we will discover in theaters on November 8. What do you think of these photos?