Saturday, March 21, 2015

French film seeks young North African end thief who runs fast – MetroNews

The racial stereotypes still die hard in French cinema. This was the director found Amandine Gay. Friday, March 20, she shared on Twitter a casting announcement in the newsletter by for the purposes of “a French film” with “big French actors” ad seeks to recruit a key player and five secondary roles until then all is well. But what is shocking is that the announcement puts racist pearls.

Thus, search for “Rachid, a man of 18-25 years, lively, slim and fine thief, he must ie run very fast and be able to speak with an Arab accent, the North African type, Arab traits. ” The ad does not stop there, since the ad is also looking for “Mamadou, a man … kind of central Africa South Africa, especially black.” If he lives in town, is better. For the female lead, the announcement wants a “Fatima Muslim woman of great beauty and a North African type of physical dream with strong Arab traits.”

“This is not racist villain ‘is racist beast “

Each character is associated with concrete examples: Rachid should look like Tahar Rahim Omar Mamadou Sy, Fatima Sabrina Ouazani . However, Francis, “a man of 18-25 years, smart, handsome and rich, heir to a large fortune European / Caucasian, that is to say, a white” should have ideally “traits Pierre Niney. “

The site Buzzfeed France contacted Pierre Haberer, of the association, to manage the sending of the newsletter. He admits “it’s a bit annoying,” but says “it receives about 250 ads per issue. It is five volunteers and made the rounds to replay the evening.” This is the Zefred filmmaker who was responsible to read the ads. “This is a racist cliché ‘but for me it’s not’ wicked racist is a racist beast,” he says

He added. “If the ad is clearly racist in the sense hateful attack, it deletes it. But when it’s ads with people making shots, unfortunately we will not delete it, because casting directors often make shots. ” The announcement was still deleted

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