Sunday, March 29, 2015

James Bond Spectrum: New Mexico unpublished photos –

After a first dark and intriguing teaser of the next James Bond movie directed by Sam Mendes spectrum, we invite you to discover some unpublished photos that tell part of the story of 007 in Mexico City . According to various American sources, that is, Mexico will host the opening scene. First scene typically feature films in the James Bond franchise, as its generic example. These first photos of the filming of James Bond spectrum so we have the British agent in full chase over the roofs of Mexico during the celebration of Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos) celebration typical of Mexican culture . That is why we find the crowd made up with the famous masks of Caterina in an atmosphere both festive and somber as reflected in the image of the skull. These photos take us back into the controversy of the change of scenario gracefully paid by Mexico.

In fact, the origin of the first scenario, James Bond spectrum did not show a very positive image of Mexico, which did not please the Mexican authorities. To rectify this, the production has received $ 14 million for the production of James Bond spectrum change this unflattering vision of Mexico. From these images, it appears that the agreement has been achieved. Among the demands of the Mexican authorities there was also a desire to place the cast one of their popular national actress to play the role of Estrella. This is also done as we discover the face on a photo of actress Stephanie Sigman (Estrella), it also masked and celebrating the Day of the Dead. These photos so give us some clues about what might look like this opening scene of James Bond spectrum that we will discover in theaters on November 8. What do you think of these photos?


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