Thursday, March 19, 2015

Smocking or turtleneck, James Bond in all its forms – BBC

PICTURES – The style is the spy. Nearly sixty years after his birth in cinema, sartorial evolution gunslinger gentleman Her Majesty’s proof that 007 has remained a timeless action hero, whatever the cost.

It is also nice manly than Daniel Craig molding turtleneck, shoulder holster and gun in hand. The tone is set by the official photo. Spectrum the secret agent will be the vicious killer had imagined Ian Fleming in his novels.

On the big screen, 007 has not always looked like Daniel Craig. The First James Bond was Sean Connery. On the official photo of From Russia with Love , he wore a smile, dressed in impeccable smocking, his famous Walther PPK pistol (in fact lead to a common gun) held almost carelessly, barrel based on his cheek.

The highly Columbia Roger Moore was a killer despite himself. His composure, his humor could suggest that M had given him his license to kill almost by accident.

Pierce Brosnan continued in the footsteps of his illustrious predecessors. The revolver for him was no more than an accessory. On the poster of Die Another Day , he co-starred with Halle Berry, a sacred Bond girl who seemed more talented than him for the “flinguage” in order.

007 Each has its charms. Fans swear by Sean Connery. Some nostalgic can not forget Roger Moore. Fans of the saga the twenty-first century fawn Daniel Craig. The latest James Bond, in the light steel muscled to perfection, is both the son of Fleming and the little brother of the unforgettable … Steve McQueen.


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