Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Laura Hecquet, new star of the Opera – The Point

It was the feast at the Opéra Bastille Monday from 23 to 23 hours after the performance of Swan Lake , as the saying goes sounded: “On the proposal of dance director, Benjamin Millepied, the Opera director Stéphane Lissner Paris named Laura Hecquet dancer.”

The first star of the era Millepied, imperial brown creeper, was admitted to the demanding Opera dance school in 2000 by winning the first prize of the jury unanimously and was engaged in the body ballet … two years later. Since she had won the prestigious award from the Arop and Carpeaux circle, which in the world of dance is often a passport to the firmament. At the last internal competition of the opera in December, she was appointed principal dancer with victory already in the variation of the black swan.

Millepied fearless

Certainly the young generation makes sparks: Thursday 19 April, Héloise Bourdon, who danced for the first time the dual role Odette / Odile, while it is only subject (two grades in one star), had dazzled the audience stood up to applaud long and its Florimond Lorieux partners, excellent as bad genius Rothbart, and the star Josua HOFFALT. We should also mention among these young people who matter and who honor the Paris Opera-style: Leonore Baulac, Hannah O’Neill, Francis Alu, Marc Moreau …

Laura Hecquet dance again Swan Lake 1 and 6 April and Heloise Bourdon on 27 March. But Aurélie Dupont stars have withdrawn the dates of 2 and 4, anything is possible for distributions surprises. Especially the young director Millepied fears nothing: after the general of Swan Lake he considered disastrous, he got into a black rage and changed pronto dancers couple Odette / Prince … Not bad, a sleep first. The terms used to this spot what is wrong, but we did not see a decision as “live” from the Nureyev era. Nureyev, which is the version of Lake , which is danced on stage.

To discover the pool of hopes, still in training at the school of the Opera, directed by the star Elisabeth Platel, guardian of the French school of the show School 3, 4, 7 and 8 April at the Opera Garnier.


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