Saturday, March 21, 2015

USA: streaming to the CD for the first time –

This had never happened, and by his announcement reported by Actualitté.com , the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has probably wave the sign of a cultural revolution on. Thus we learn that in 2014, the streaming reported $ 1.87 billion to US banks, against 1.85 billion for CDs.

The record industry had already faced with difficulties, the emergence of digital music (mp3), before returning colors with a comeback a few years ago of vinyl. And this superiority communicated streaming tends to show that in the US, we now prefer to consume music possess

Streaming. Shaped the United States, but also decried

The music streaming broadcast does not delight some artists, the latter accusing the affected platforms not remunerate that softly. Our colleagues from 01net and recall, as such, singer Björk has banned the publication of his latest album Vulnicura on legal streaming sites.

The CD ever before in France

Can you imagine such a reversal could happen in France? Judging by the percentage of the presence of CD in France (71%), this scenario would not be applicable in the near future. Note however that last year, the music streaming sector saw an increase of 40% in France. Listening via streaming now represents 16% of the revenue generated by the music and did so stronger than downloading (also legal)



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