Thursday, March 19, 2015

Helene Segara: his words against traveling people go wrong – TF1

While the campaign Heart Eating full swing, some blunders are not good press. Helene Segara knows something. Last Friday, the singer was the guest of Philippe Vandel for his show Everything and its opposite , which aired on France Info . She was promoting her eighth album, all starts now . It intends to wipe the slate clean and suffering she met in recent years with health concerns.

The show yet slowly diverted to more serious subjects. Thus, Philippe Vandel echoes an interview with the singer to the newspaper Paris Match in 2012. At the time, she was referring to certain beneficiaries of heart Eating, judging them mercilessly. “People should not become recipients. Those who come in Mercedes, seek their cart to heart restos that is not acceptable,” she stated. “It’s a few volunteers who told me that, one morning they had seen people. Do not generalize. It is true that I said because I was told it happened . I think that can also be Mercedes, told me that the volunteers, it is perhaps also for travelers who often have Mercedes. What is unfortunate is that in France, we are returned in a system where people do not dare to fight for their dreams, “she continued. Quickly, listeners of the show reacted on social networks to show their disapproval of this type of place.

Helene Segara did not stop there though and chained with another blunder. Referring to some of his songs, Philippe Vandel seems puzzled some biases of the singer. “‘Without you, I am only my shadow, without you, everything seems so cold.’ It’s not very feminist it” asks you it to the singer. To which she replied: “I, to talk about feminism, I am for the rights of women, I am for equality of women but I am against that the woman keeps her up at home and. me my place is in front of a microphone, but when I’m home, it is the kitchen and I’m proud. ”


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