Tuesday, March 31, 2015

View Shaun the sheep bleating and fun … – Le Figaro

VIDEO – The directors of Aardman Animation Studios have succeeded in bringing the world of the famous sheep plasticine the small to the big screen. They sign a homemade movie, original and full of surprises.

At a time when parents take their offspring cinema start slowly collectible 3D glasses, simple crafts priceless. It relates rather a name: Aardman. With their cinematic glory in the early 2000s, the British Animation Studios (Wallace and Gromit, Chicken Run) return with Shaun the Sheep, a nice surprise plasticine guarantee full visual gags, since only there bleating and onomatopoeia act as dialogues. Already hero of a TV series, the mischievous Shaun is now at the center of a journey from the English province to the big city where his tenant was accidentally misplaced. For the viewer, it is not about counting sheep: Mark Burton directors and Richard Starzak maintain attention thanks to the very British humor throughout a quaint and modern story, finding the vein of brilliantly Aardman studios.

Meanwhile, the Museum Art Fun in Paris proposes to continue the adventure beyond the theaters and turns, for the opportunity, “filled a huge game room textures and detail. ” Thus Richard Starzak described the exhibition Aardman, art takes shape (until 30 August). “This educational retrospective demonstrates the incredible identity of studios,” says co-director. And it’s not that Shaun the Sheep bêlera otherwise.


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