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Olivier Py Announces 2015 shortened edition of the Avignon Festival – The World

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The director of the Avignon Festival, Olivier Py, during the presentation of the program of the 69th edition of Avignon, 26 March 2015.

Olivier Py had not put on his red pumps with which it arises, photos full page, advertising the foundation of a large French bank. It is soberly dressed than the Avignon Festival director announced Thursday, March 26 at Fabrica in Avignon neighborhood Montclar, the 2015 program, 69 th of the name, Festival founded by Jean Vilar.

edition designed in a tight fiscal environment. The festival, in 2014, following the conflict of the entertainment and harsh weather conditions, had posted a loss of 240 000 euros. Then the mayor (PS) of Avignon, Cécile Helle, announced Monday, March 16, board of directors, it fell 5% its grant to the Festival, which is a shortfall of 49,000 euros .

Olivier Py and his team have managed to down 4% operating costs, and thus generate EUR 200 000 for a 2015 budget which stood at 13.3 million euros. But the first result of these budget cuts is that the festival is reduced by two days compared to what was planned, and in relation to 2014 will take place from July 4 to 25

shows 47

For this second edition under his leadership, Olivier Py puts on display 47 shows, and announces that built his program on the theme “I am the other.” “It appeared to me as obvious in a society that does not seem to have the energy to think of the other as a salvation” , he said. And in an area, it may be added, where voters are turning en masse to the National Front

The Pope Py hollow lines he had drawn for her first festival. Many living authors Shakespeare majesty of the classic side, a significant presence of the “Eastern Mediterranean and Arab countries” , the pursuit of “decentralization three kilometers” and the offers for young audiences, and the discovery of ever programmed in Avignon artists.

The festival will live for three weeks, from the first to the last day, the rhythm of a long-term project, a ” philosophical drama “novel: The Republic Plato, translated by Alain Badiou, be read in full, under the leadership of Valerie Dréville, Didier Galas and Gregory Ingold, by amateurs of all ages, the garden Ceccano . A project “thought well before the attacks in January, but today takes a special meaning” , said Olivier Py.

Shakespeare in walls

Then, honor to whom honor and SINCE “it must be that [he] do the Court at least once during [his] mandate “, Olivier Py open the festivities on July 4, with King Lear in the courtyard of the Palace of the Popes. Philippe Girard will play Lear, Jean-Damien Barbin crazy. Several other events are scheduled for this opening, starting with Trees to be felled , after Thomas Bernhard, signed by the Polish master Krystian Lupa.

Novarina open the ban for living authors with Le Vivier names , the Carmelite cloister. But Eric Reinhardt, Kamel Daoud (with Meursaults edited by Philippe Berling), Botho Strauss (with the Trilogy review by Benjamin Porée) and Dimitris Dimitriadis will also attend.

Shakespeare, who is at home in Avignon, will also be in the walls with his Richard III , directed by Thomas Ostermeier with his troupe of Schaubühne Berlin. As for the Portuguese Tiago Rodrigues, he will present a narrow and intimate version of Antony and Cleopatra . In the classic series but not too much, Jonathan Châtel deliver Andreas , a creation from To Damascus , by August Strindberg.

Far from the account side parity

After the theater is the dance that will enter the main courtyard where Angelin Preljocaj will present a creation on a text by Laurent Mauvignier, Back to Berratham . Other scheduled choreographers Emmanuelle Vo-Dinh with Timbuktu Déjà-vu , Shechter Salamon and Fatou Cissé.

Side “discoveries” (Avignon, at least), the Russian director Kirill Serebrennikov present a creation from The Idiots , Lars von Trier. Samuel Achache, solo, without Jeanne Candel, a theater-music mix, Fugue . And then the “undisciplined” as Winter Family, Stereoptik, Pierre Meunier …

We see the result of this enumeration, Avignon is still far off in terms of artistic gender, purpose set by the previous Minister of Culture, Aurélie Filippetti. At least there will be there in Avignon great actresses Valerie Dréville addition, Isabelle Huppert will sound Sade in the Court of Honor, and Fanny Ardant will the voice of Cassandra and Christa Wolf. But the image of the poster signed by the artist Guillaume Bresson, which shows two men in a clinch we do not know if it is a warrior or lover, this Avignon is very masculine. In the theater, the red shoes are not really in power.


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