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 The new adaptation of Cinderella, Disney signed, released this Wednesday, March 25 in French cinemas. The editorial has seen the film, and even worshiped. Back on the 10 things that will make you want to go see the feature film at the cinema.

Gusgus, Prince Charming, Anastasia and Javotte, Lucifer and especially the beautiful Cinderella are back in theaters. Disney adjusts once again our favorite fairy tale with a dream cast and stunning 3D. Yes, the famous Princess Cinderella shoes once again his slipper in the feature film by Kenneth Branagh. The film is for young and old, and editorial ‘could see this new production XXL preview. And it’s worth it. It was nice to know “the end” of the iconic tale by Charles Perrault, we do not get tired. Focus on the 10 good reasons to join the nearest cinema to spend some quality time in the company of Cinderella.

1. A prince a little fake but far too cute

Lily James , who plays Cinderella could count on producing for him find a Prince Charming rather cannon. And it is the actor Richard Madden that role falls. The handsome, as we discovered in Game of Thrones is highly attractive in the film. Despite many hours in a tanning booth, the young man was able to make us dream. It is essential, right?

2. A successful Hollywood adaptation of Cinderella

After Evil , Disney decided to bet big Cinderella and therefore did not hesitate to spend on the feature film. Special effects, sets, costumes and dream cast are therefore of the game. A real feast for the eyes.

3. A sumptuous princess dress

Poor Lily James, she had trouble breathing in her prom dress. British actress can be reassured, the result is stunning. It almost sounds like a cartoon as the creation is straight out of a fairy tale. More than 1,000 Swarovski crystals covering the dress of Cinderella. Sandy Powell, costume designer of the film, wanted it to look like “a watercolor.”

4. Cate Blanchett and Helena Bonham Carter cast

Renowned actresses such as Cate Blanchett and Helena Bonham Carter are part of the cast. They camped the roles of the stepmother and the good fairy godmother. Just for that, we will move our ass.

5. Obviously, all ends well

No need for spoiler. It is a Disney and besides, it’s a fairy tale.

6. Disney has not forgotten Gusgus

We were afraid that the very greedy mouse cartoon is zapped in this new adaptation. Good news Gusgus is indeed present in the film

7.. Downton Abbey Cinderella

We love Lily James in Downton Abbey so it was a pleasure to find in this fairy tale. The actress is featured on the front of the stage and it is deserved!

8. Javotte and Anastasia are great

Holliday Grainger and Sophie McShera embody perfectly abominable stepsisters Cinderella , Anastasia and Javotte. They have continued to make us laugh.

9. The ball scene

We will not give more details. The ball scene is just MAGIC. A return to childhood which we had long dreamed. Nearly 200 extras for different costumes were present for the filming of this scene.

10. The coach who was formerly a pumpkin

We want the same for Christmas

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