Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pretty Woman: the purpose for which you have escaped – Europe1

Europe 1

Europe 1

Pretty Woman , that was 25 years ago. For the occasion, the US network NBC has met the cast of the film by Garry Marshall, including Richard Gere and Julia Roberts says Le Figaro .

The film was be called 3000 . The actress, who plays in the film the prostitute Vivian Ward, revealed how the story was to end in the initial version of the scenario. “The character of Richard would expel me from his car by throwing me tickets to the figure, and then leave before the end credits,” she recounted. The film, which was originally intended to be called 3000 – a reference to the rate charged by Vivian for his assists – was then reviewed to close a happy ending .

Convinced by Julia Roberts. Richard Gere has told his side that he initially turned down the role of the wealthy Edward Lewis. But Julia Robert was able to convince him to accept, handing him a post-it when he was on the phone with the director.

The cast of Pretty Woman on NBC:


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