Wednesday, March 18, 2015

“Hacker”, an interconnected techno-thriller – Télé

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Hackers the “Millenium”, cyber philosophy to “Matrix”, teleport to the “Tron” … The connections of the last Michael Mann with other films and other filmmakers are numerous. This is our DNA sequencing.

A Hong Kong Nuclear explodes, following an attack. Its author is a hacker who acted remotely. What is he looking for? Mystery. To track down, the United States and China are forced to form an alliance and use the talents of another pirate computer. Screening is complex: it requires going unnoticed in the arcana of malware (the malware) and in the field, where the enemy is a formidable power

. Behind the camera, there is a subject matter expert, who always managed to combine hard work and science: Michael Mann. This master of visual sophistication may well be invented, it is also necessarily the heir other filmmakers, other films. The opportunity to explore the genetic heritage of Hacker .

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