Sunday, March 22, 2015

The publication of a racist casting announcement shakes the cinema … – Le Figaro

“Mamadou black comedy”, “Francis White heir”, “Rachid the Maghreb thief”, “Fatima Muslim prostitute.” A casting announcement posted on is at the heart of a controversy since Saturday. It conveys the worst racist clichés …

It’s hard to raise more racist stereotypes in so few lines. On Saturday, the writer-filmmaker Amandine Gay spotted at Ciné a singular announces that it has once shared on Twitter to denounce stupidity. Indeed, the ad in question amounts to a racial stereotypes festival. The reactions were quick to pour on the Internet to denounce the racist overtones that cast dirty French cinema.

In this casting announcement, the author, who did not want to s express since the beginning of the controversy, lists one by one the toughest racist stereotypes. It includes a “Francis, heir to a large fortune, white,” a “Mamadou, aggressive, dance and comedy knowing jokes central africa-type suede, especially black,” a “Rachid, very bright, thin and fine thief, the North African type, Arab traits “or a” Fatima, a Muslim, a great beauty, a prostitute in his spare time, kind with very strong Maghreb Arab traits. ” Anything goes.

On the side of Ciné , some site members tried unsuccessfully to calm the storm. Asked by BuzzFeed France , Zefred, filmmaker and website announcements compiler recognizes that the ad is “racist cliché” but “not nasty racist is a racist beast,” adding that ” casting directors often make shots. ” Pierre Haberer, another member of the site, he admits that this kind of ads and controversies is “a little boring”, he still defends the site of racism, it is only a “runner ads “.

Still, the publication of this announcement, removed from the site, has revived the debate on the representation of diversity in French cinema. For Amandine Gay, this kind of announcement is not an example of the everyday racism that affects the 7th Art in France. To Inrocks , she explains: “This kind of ads is very common. This is still very strong, because it rassembe clichés about everyone, white, Arab, black … When you’re a black actress, all roles are called Fatou and Aminata. And there are only two types of characters: the Caribbean or reclining prostitute “

What solution then to release the shackles of the French cinema.? For Amandine Gay, the solution would be to set up “allowances” for minority representation on the screen. The writer-filmmaker 30 years concludes: “In France, the CSA of the college is 100% white and publishes an annual” diversity barometer “, but without any remedy. An intervention is essential. When is that in France we have a Idris Elba or Shonda Rhimes? “


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