Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Twin Peaks: the return in 2016 compromise? (Updated) – Screenrush

Start delay for season 3 of Twin Peaks? According to David Lynch, it could be that the series will not return as quickly as expected. Explanations.

In October, David Lynch and Mark Frost shook the world series, announcing the return 25 years later, the cult series Twin Peaks 2016! Through an agreement with the Showtime channel, Season 3 would finally take shape to the delight of fans.

A few months later, the comeback seems more uncertain and more complicated than expected. To believe the WelcomeToTwinPeaks, the series could eventually come back later announced … due to contractual issues. During a visit to an exhibition dedicated to the work of Lynch, the director would have some reservations about the return for 2016. Several users attending this confidence tweeted on the subject, confirming that the return was subject to “ Complications .” To the question “Will the Twin Peaks series definitely come back?”, the filmmaker would have responded “J e do not know. There are complications . “

Just before David Lynch had spoken on Australian radio where he had a few meager information about the progress of the project, but also leaving think back looks more complicated than expected: “ I’m not back yet and we are still working on contracts, but I love the world of Twin Peaks and characters. And I think it would be something very special but to return to this world . “Still, according to information from WelcomeToTwinPeaks, the scenarios would be ready, but negotiations about contracts do not spend as desired.

Since this revelation, Entertainment Weekly was able to contact a source close which states that everything goes as planned. “ Everything advance and the whole team is excited and enthusiastic ,” the site. EW attempted to contact the representative of David Lynch had no comment to make

The teaser of Season 3 of Twin Peaks.

Twin Peaks Teaser


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