Saturday, March 21, 2015

Book Fair: Hollande defends “freedom of expression” – Le Point

Francois Hollande visited Saturday morning at the Book Fair, which takes place Porte de Versailles in Paris until March 24 to defend, he explained, “freedom of expression”.

Asked about the Italian writer Erri De Luca, prosecuted in Italy for inciting sabotage of the railway line between Lyon and Turin, he replied that the perpetrators “must not be prosecuted for their writing,” while adding “not to intervene in judicial affairs.” The Head of State arrived at the opening at 10 am in the company of the Minister of Culture Fleur Pellerin, took a walkabout wandering through the shelves, visitors to the Fair will be pressing for autographs and photos.

“The reason I came here is for freedom of expression, because it is the strength of France, its culture, is freedom. We were struck in January, this show is one of the answers, “said he said.

Authors” should not be prosecuted for their texts “

The president called for keeping “confidence in thinking, this irreversible faith in literature, creation, expression, thought [...]. France must always be on the side of the creators.” About the De Luca, he said: “I do not want to intervene in judicial matters, but what I can do in the name of France, it is always support freedom of expression, creation, and it also applies to the authors, who are French, which can be Italian, which can be of any nationality, and that should not be prosecuted for their texts. “

” I also wanted to mention the francophonie, because the French, it does not just have to defend but to promote it. I intend to greet foreign authors who write in French, “he added. Brazil, in the spotlight this year, “particularity in this Salon comics, it’s also a reference to Charlie Hebdo ,” he noted.

The editor Jacques Glénat handed François Hollande multi publishers album Comics are Charlie , whose profits go to the families of the victims of the attack. Asked about the books he is reading, the president cited “Mona Ozouf, From Revolution Republic , because it is about the identity of the Republic, the construction of the Republic, so Are we, in this period, it is particularly well come. “

” You know that I love history “

” I also read Lydia Salvayre [Prix Goncourt in 2014, Ed] because I have sympathy for the person and great interest in the situation in Spain, “he said. “And I flip Pascal Quignard because in this period, his thoughts are helpful.”

“You know that I love history,” also said Hollande, adding with regret that for reading, “does it still have time!” Hollande had already visited the Book Fair in 2013, but could not do it last year, do you remember around him.


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