Monday, March 16, 2015

Björk: “I am much better” – The World

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Bjork in 2015.

While the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York devotes a retrospective until June 7, Björk returns to the genesis of his new album, Vulnicura, whose name is derived from the Latin vulnus, “injury” and cura, “care”, chronicling breakup of the artist Matthew Barney . The Icelandic welcomes us to his American PR agency, Sacks & amp; Co, in a former warehouse in the heart of Chelsea. It takes a certain comfort piracy of his album, which forced to anticipate its marketing, and how she worked with Klaus Biesenbach, curator of MoMA retrospective on her.

” Vulnicura “is inspired by your breakup. So far, you spoke very little privacy. Why did you choose to lift the veil on this intimacy?

I started working on this album when I finished the tour of Biophilia. I locked myself and I started writing songs without knowing what it was going to lead me. Then I wondered how to present musically, with which arrangements. And it is only then that I said, ‘OK, this is my own story. “For me, it was like the black and white films of Ingmar Bergman, in which characters are overwhelmed psychological conversations in their head.

Suffering …


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