Saturday, March 21, 2015

A casting announcement boosted the film world – Le Point

“Mamadou, aggressive, black, dance and comedy knowing jokes” against “Francis, heir, handsome and rich, white “: a casting announcement to the racist overtones published on the site has boosted the film world. It is a succession of explicit shots, between Henry a “Caucasian [clear white]” which must “talk white bourgeois [...], being born in the 16th is more” and its opposite, Rachid, “accent Arab Maghreb kind end thief who needs to know to run very fast. ”

There is still research a character to play Fatima, “Muslim, physical dream, prostitute, with strong Arab Maghreb such traits.” “Yes, it is racist cliché, but for me it is not racist villain is racist beast. Casting directors often make shots,” said Zefred, filmmaker and one of the compilers ads the site, the site BuzzFeed France, who spotted the ad. Another member of Pierre Haberer, acknowledged that “it’s a bit annoying,” absolving themselves of racism, since the site is only an “Ad smuggler.”

Missing minority of French cinema

The announcement evil going on in the movie. Amandine Gay, writer-filmmaker 30 years, these descriptions relayed on Twitter, before castigating everyday racism which undermines the French cinema. “That kind of ads is very common. This is still very strong, because it brings together the clichés about everyone, white, Arab, black … When you’re a black actress all roles are called Fatou or Aminata And there are only two types of characters:. the Gironde Caribbean or prostitute, “if she wins in the columns of Inrocks .

And to demand quotas “for minority representation on the screen. [...] In France, the CSA of the college is 100% white and publishes an annual barometer diversity , but without any remedy. An intervention is essential. When is that in France we have a Idris Elba or Shonda Rhimes? ” if she asks.


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