Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Eric Reinhardt crowned by students – BBC

The organizers of the Prix France Culture novel students – Télérama awarded their reward in the last book of the novelist published by Gallimard


After a two-month reading marathon, the 400 student members of the jury have made their choice among the ten books in the running. Love and forests, sixth novel by Eric Reinhardt, takes the cake. Reward for the novelist whose book also awarded the Prix Renaudot students and the Prix France Television, was selected for the Goncourt, the Renaudot, the Medici and the Interallié.

The Price Students novel France Culture – Télérama, created in 2014, replaces the Prix France Culture – Télérama. Now, the jury is composed entirely of students under 30 years. They must choose between 10 shortlisted novels. The authors then go around bookstores to meet the jurors who voted early March.

Love and forests tells the story of Berenice Ombredanne, a French teacher and victim the continued harassment of her husband. It portrays an idealistic woman face his demons and inner struggles. Trying to regain his freedom, it is overtaken by the evil of her husband. A hymn to female emancipation and freedom.

Having started his writing career in 1998 with Half sleep , Eric Reinhardt had enjoyed success especially with two of . His works, Cinderella in 2007 The Victoria system 2011

The other nine novels were selected: Evariste François-Henri Désérable (Gallimard); Vernon Subutex 1 Virginia Despentes (Grasset); Escape Lionel Duroy (Julliard); The gaiety Justine Lévy (Stock); Nothing but the waves and the wind Christine Montalbetti (POL Ed.); Tram 83 Sonny Mwanza Mujila (Métailié Ed.); The events Jean Rolin (POL Ed.); The meteorologist Olivier Rolin (Threshold) and Sadness earth Eric Vuillard (Actes Sud).

The first edition of the prize, in 2014, was awarded to Maylis Kerangal for his novel Repair living (Vertical).


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