Monday, March 23, 2015

“Mission: Impossible,” a legendary saga – The Point

Tom Cruise is back in action, for the fifth time donning the role of secret agent Ethan Hunt. The first film Mission Impossible was released in 1996. The program includes waterfalls, explosions and Dante fights … For nearly 20 years, that’s Tom Cruise who portrays the main character, always surrounded by beautiful actresses and famous actors. Two French were also in the cast of the first Mission Impossible : Jean Reno and Emmanuelle Béart. Film saga is inspired by the television series Mission Impossible created by Bruce Geller and distributed in 1960-1970 years.

The Saga Mission Impossible a grossed more than $ 2 billion in revenue worldwide since the release of the first episode in 1996. In France, the first two parts have attracted more than 4 million viewers each. Mission Impossible 3, directed by JJ Abrams, was sold in 2006 qu’1,9 million tickets, against 2.4 million for the fourth installment. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation , directed by Christopher McQuarrie released August 12, 2015 in France. The film will feature Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner and Alec Baldwin.


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