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The “Wolf of Wall Street” to “Diversion” Margot Robbie, the star … – Screenrush

From ” Wolf of Wall Street “to” Diversion “Margot Robbie, Rising Star

By OP ▪ Thursday, March 26, 2015 – There are 3 hours and 38 minutes

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Atomic Revelation in “The Wolf of Wall Street” where she turned the head of Leonardo DiCaprio in front of the camera Scorsese, the beautiful Margot Robbie continues irresistible rise with “Diversion” Room on Wednesday.

In the Wolf of Wall Street, it literally vampirisait Leonardo DiCaprio. In Diversion, it plays a criminal charming apprentice alongside Will Smith. “It” is of course the sublime -but not what Margot Robbie.

Born in a remote corner of Queensland, the Australian made her acting debut in the soap Neighbours. Y having the recurring role of the bisexual Donna Freedman; a character that will allow him to win in 2009 and 2011 two nominations Logie Awards , the Australian equivalent of our fires Seven gold. Also for television, she played with Christina Ricci sides mignonette a stewardess in the Pan Am series. But without a hearing, the series takes the time of a season.

After its volcanic composition in Scorsese, Hollywood made him more than ever gentle eyes. Featured in the fantasy romance It was time in 2013, this year it is found immersed in occupied France in 1940 with French Suite alongside Kristin Scott Thomas, and giving a replica Will Smith hustler and charmed (obviously …) in the Thriller Diversion .

The agenda ahead of the actress met quite well. It will be in July 2016 Jane Alexander Skarsgard in the Tarzan that prepares the director of Four Harry Potter, David Yates. It also has the coveted role (and monitored by the fans!) Harley Quinn, the former psychiatrist Joker fell in love with him in the adaptation of Suicide Squad David Ayer ready. And please no Margot Robbie cyber-heroine in the Live version of Ghost in the Shell, although the development of the film is really in pain?

Anyway, actress, barely 24 years old, now has a boulevard in front of her. Hollywood, of course.


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