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The boss of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, will be a dad – Le Point

This is the good news of the day. The boss of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla said Friday they were having a first child after a series of miscarriages.

“We are expecting a little girl!”, Wrote the co-founder of the social network on his Facebook page. Just published, the picture had already had “likee” over 600,000 times and shared by more than 15,000 users


“During the ultrasound, she even sent me an ‘I love’ with his thumb, so I am already convinced that she takes after me”, was -it amused in the publication co-signed with his wife, referring to the button “like” Facebook. “Now we will try to make the world a better place for our children and the next generation,” he told the future dad.

Mark Zuckerberg also revealed that the couple trying to have a child for several years, but his wife had three miscarriages. “In the open and connected world of today, talk about problems does not distance us; this brings us (…) when we started to talk to our friends, we realized how much it was common that many people had similar problems but then had healthy babies. We hope to share our experience give you the same hope and help more people to want to share their stories too, “he told about his Facebook page.


Tom Cruise unlined … motorbike, car, or plane! – Le Figaro

VIDEOS – Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation , the interpreter Ethan Hunt held, as usual, to make himself even his own stunts. In three short videos released by Paramount, the actor explains turning secrets

. Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation Tom Cruise wanted to make himself his own stunts, as usual. The Paramount has unveiled three short videos which the actor explains how stunts are done by car, plane and motorcycle, “There are few special effects and stunt.” Tom Cruise takes care of everything.

“Tom is an ace driver,” says coordinator Wade Eastwood stunts. Meanwhile parading images of the shooting in Casablanca. On the spot, Simon Pegg says his fear: “I am not afraid, I’m terrified.” Tom Cruise led his engine full throttle in steep streets of the city.

For motorcycles, the actor Top Gun is still in control and cares same technical capacities of equipment used on the set: “I work with the best bikes for perform extreme stunts, “he explains. “The bikes have features to prevent falling.”

For the purposes of another scene, Tom Cruise must cling to the fuselage of an aircraft while it is taking off. A crazy stunt that the actor had to carry eight times. “We do not catch a superstar at the door taking off, Wade Eastwood recalls, but Tom wanted to do.” At any time the player risks his life: “If there is a problem, I can not do anything before landing.”

To discover the résutat, visit from August 12 in theaters.


Departure on holiday. More than 500 km of traffic jams at 18h – Ouest-France

The caps have a bit slow but they are there for the crossover traditional holidays in July and August.

On Friday afternoon, Traffic monitoring were more than 500 km caps before a crossover Saturday promises to be the worst day of the summer.

At 5:55 p.m., 454 km from Deductions were recorded in the province, 98 km in the Ile-de-France, according to the National Traffic Information Centre (CNIR). The day was arranged by Red Traffic monitoring in the direction of departures.

The main difficulties are at the crossing of Bordeaux (two-way traffic), on the highway of the sun (A7) to south of Lyon, and the A10 out of Paris towards Orleans.

“Some caps exceed 30 kilometers” , including the release of the capital or in the Bordeaux region, according CNIR.

966 km last summer

But the worst is expected Saturday, classified black in the direction of departures and orange / red in the direction returns.

Last year there were even 966 km (adjusted figure) cumulative caps in France, a record, during the Saturday, August 2, 2014 of crossover between juillettistes and aoûtiens.


Three journalists are paid Cara Delevingne – The Point

duplex for emission Good Day Sacramento, Cara Delevingne was not up to it, according to the three journalists. Visibly tired by the sequence of interviews for the film Dark of Margo , adapted from the novel by John Green, the actress has tackled view from the beginning of the interview: ” Were you too busy to read the book and the screenplay for the film? ” To which the young actress replied sarcastically: “Come on, I’ve never read the book or the script … Of course if John Green is a fantastic writer, so if you have not read his book! you should “

There followed a succession of awkward questions destabilizing the guest, increasingly annoyed:”..? You have the air irritated Maybe we do – Yes, think it is you. “

This exchange, painful enough, where one misunderstands where journalists want to come, will conclude with these words:” When you make five million dollars in six weeks, you can pretend to talk to Good Day Sacramento with a little punch! ” They wanted to pay an actress. They are rather pathetic.


The exhibition Game of Thrones: places are gone in two hours – Le Figaro

SCAN THE TELE – The exhibition of the cult series will be held at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris from 8 to 12 September


Top chrono: is this Thursday at 13 hours that opened bookings for the major exhibition of the season for the fans of the series Game of Thrones . OCS, bouquet 100% cinema series, and HBO officially announced the kick off of the inscriptions of this free exhibition, which runs from 8 to 12 September 2015 at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris.

To ensure access to the event, it was enough to go to the site. There, two options were available to you. Or simply select a date and a time slot desired to visit the exhibition. It was possible to book two tickets per person. Or sign up in addition to the digital experience that allows to enjoy the event. This immersion will give the opportunity to visitors, by joining one of the houses of the series, to engage in a host of activities and participating in interactive activities.

The fifth season OCS series will begin on September 5 City chain, a few days before the start of the exhibition.

Evidence of the popularity of the series, the places for the exhibition are two parts in the wee hours on Thursday . New entries may be available next week.


Mission: Impossible Tom Cruise reveals the backstage waterfalls – Screenrush

Film Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

Did you know? After climbed the Burj Khalifa in Ghost Protocol, Tom Cruise wanted to push the limits of danger. No lining so it is indeed he who is found hanging on the exterior fuselage of an A-400 to over 1500m altitude. The scene, qréalisée no special effects, was shot eight times.

Film Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

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Did you know? After an airplane wing towards Morocco to the waterfalls by car. Very comfortable with chases (as evidenced by Wade Eastwood, coordinator of all the stunts in the film), Tom Cruise manages to control his M3 in the winding streets of Casablanca. Beside her, Simon Pegg portrays a Benji hardly reassured. The question is whether or not he feigns concern …

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Film Mission: – Impossible Rogue Nation

Did you know? After the BMW M3, Tom Cruise took control of s1000rr in the Atlas Mountains. As with the A-400, the scene was filmed without special effects. With accuracy and precision, the actor manages to handle the craft in a tangle of narrow streets that would have frightened many. But for Tom, nothing is impossible …


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Wet Hot American Summer – First Day of Camp: What is this series? – Screenrush

With Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp Netflix takes us back to the 80s cult film a prequel dating back to 2001, the series cast sends a five-star camp for a hectic summer …!

The holiday is hectic at Camp Firewood with Netflix!

What is it about
Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp following several high color people come to spend the summer of 1981 at Camp Firewood. In this summer camp in Maine, they will experience the joys and sorrows of friendship and budding love, their first sexual experiences but also their early frustrations.

An oddball atmosphere prevails on Camp Firewood

A cast that dream …
With the return of the actors from the original film, which includes Bradley Cooper, Amy Poehler and Joe Lo Truglio ( Brooklyn Nine-Nine ), Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp already placed as one of the safe bets among the productions of the summer. The announcement of the final casting and all new heads has made it one of the most anticipated comic events of the year. Taking the crazy humor and uninhibited now cult film, the series promises many fits of laughter with its share of absurd situations and non-standard characters. The holiday camp and members include heavyweights of the genre such as Kristen Wiig ( Bridesmaids ), Jason Schwartzman ( Bored To Death ) or Michael Cera ( Arrested Development ), the iconic teen comedy looser US. Other more surprising names are added such as Chris Pine ( Star Trek ), but the biggest surprise comes straight from Mad Men. These are indeed Jon Hamm and John Slattery, since May orphans, which complement the impressive distribution. Their acting talent no longer to be proven, it will be their comic potential that will be held during these unforgettable holiday.

8 episodes of the series are already available on Netflix.


Stare Prince unveils its new ultra funky single – Le Figaro

VIDEO – The singer posted on the streaming site Spotify a new song from her upcoming album, due out by the end of the year. There we find the “wows” acute if the distinctive Kid Minneapolis.

To wait his fans, the singer Prince has posted ” Stare “, a new ultra-funky single, taken from an album due out by the end of the year. We find all the ingredients of a very good piece of funk, in this song of 3 minutes 44 seconds: guitar, brass, choir and even the “wows” acute if the distinctive Kid Minneapolis.

For good measure and ensure that nobody can misunderstand the author cites Prince same guitar riff from one of his biggest hits, “Kiss.” This is the second song from Hit & amp; Run Album (hit and run) reveals that Prince this month after “Hardrocklover”.

In this sequel we know for now little from the two previously released songs. But the members of 3rdeyegirl, the all-female trio that accompanies on stage these days, lifted the veil last week.

“There are a lot of hits in this disk, c is highly experimental (…). The ultimate Prince fans who know all his songs, this album is for them because it’s super funky “have they revealed on BBC 6 Music, after listening to this record in June. They stated that the new album was co-written by Prince with producer Joshua Welton.

“Stare” is available exclusively on the streaming site Spotify, which is all the more surprising that Prince had decided in early July to migrate all his work on the Tidal rival, launched by American rapper Jay-Z.

The two albums released last year by Prince had sealed his return to the bosom of its historical record label, Warner, which he left in 1996 after one of the standoff the most famous in the history of music.


Aurélie Filippetti complaint against Paris Match – The Obs

PARIS (Reuters) – Aurélie Filippetti Thursday denounced the hunt “scary” paparazzi after the publication of photographs in Paris Match where she appears pregnant and swimsuit alongside his companion, the former Minister of Economy Arnaud Montebourg.

“I filed a complaint for invasion of privacy and family life,” says the former culture minister in an interview with Liberation. “These are stolen photos. They pistent us is scary.”

“We arrived at the hotel at noon and gone in 14 hours. So that means that we are spying” , she adds. “Every woman has the right to dispose of his body. This type of picture is a violation of dignity, all women can feel suffering.”

Arnaud Montebourg and Aurélie Filippetti left the first government Manuel Valls in August 2014 and since criticize government policy.

(Marine Pennetier, edited by Yves Clarisse)


Photos stolen: Filippetti complaint against Paris Match – Le Figaro

Aurélie Filippetti denounced hunting “scary” paparazzi after the publication Paris Match of photographs where she appears pregnant and swimsuit alongside his companion, the former economy minister Arnaud Montebourg.
“I filed a complaint for invasion of privacy and family life,” says the former culture minister in an interview with Libération . “These are stolen photos. They pistent us is scary.” “We arrived at the hotel at noon, leaving at 14 hours. This therefore means that they are spying us,” she adds. “Every woman has the right to dispose of his body. This type of picture is a violation of dignity, all women can feel suffering.”

Arnaud Montebourg and Aurélie Filippetti left the first government of Manuel Valls in August since 2014 and criticize government policy.


Filippetti, pregnant, attack Paris Match for photos alongside Montebourg – Le Parisien

RT | Jul 30 2015, 24:13 |. Update: 30 Jul 2015, 1:08 p.m.

<. p> The couple were offered an enchanted Greece, the Athens side.

This is already the weekly people who had revealed to France this union within the left in August 2014. Today, the Vice President of Habitat France and the Moselle MP are ever bonded to each other. The couple already has children from other unions: he, aged 52, has two children, Paul and Adèle; she, 42, has a daughter, Clara. According to the weekly, is scheduled for delivery in four months. Nothing has leaked on sex or surname of the child.

Aurélie Filippetti attack Paris-Match

The lawyer Aurélie Filippetti said Thursday that it would go to court for “violation of the right to respect for private life”, following the publication in Paris-Match photos of her pregnant client alongside his companion, Arnaud Montebourg.

“Aurélie Filippetti, which I am the lawyer instructed my office to continue the unacceptable violation of the entitlement to respect for his private and family life, “writes in a press release that Mr. Vincent Toledano said also aim” the violation of the right to image “in his assignment.

” Freedom of the press to which it is attached can not justify the unauthorized publication by the Paris-Match magazine, in defiance of its discretion will, stolen shots surprising strictly private moments of privacy and relaxation, “said the lawyer warns that the member for Moselle and former Minister of Culture and Communication” implies that their dignity is respected woman and seize any justice breach of this fundamental right. “

The weekly published Thursday shows coverage Aurélie Filippetti pregnant, in a swimsuit on the terrace of a hotel in Athens. At his side, the former Minister of the Economy, polo and jeans, is lying on a lounge chair. The photo caption, the newspaper dated July 28, proclaims: “Montebourg Filippetti: the love story continues. And soon the baby. “

The deputy managing editor of Paris-Match, Régis Le Sommier, has justified the publication. “It is completely legitimate that we do. With Arnaud Montebourg and Aurélie Filippetti, we are facing a political couple that interests the public. It reveals nothing, the pregnancy was known. Our role is to tell the lives of famous people, that is what we do. The photos were taken in a hotel in Greece, we see people around: the place is semi-public, “he argued

& gt;. Come discuss and ask questions on our forums!


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Vallauris: the angry call from Jean-Pierre Pernaut – The Point

Enough is enough! Jean-Pierre Pernaut is angry and reported on his Facebook account on Wednesday. Currently on vacation, 13 hours of TF1 newsreader took part in the controversy for the visit of King Salman of Saudi Arabia in Vallauris in the Alpes-Maritimes. He denounced, without mincing words, the attitude of the government vis-à-vis the Saudi monarch.

“It annoys beachgoers”

“It’s nerd ! I should have thought to privatize my beach vacation time … But where I am, the administration did the opposite, “denounces in his message Jean-Pierre Pernaut. “It annoys beachgoers (and leisure) multiplying checks, by measuring the distance from the sea mattresses, width spaces which have been reduced this year,” he said.

In his message posted Wednesday on his Facebook page, he continues to attack the state. “6000 jobs lost this summer on the coast … Whatever, for them, must be checked to make up with big PV if it exceeds 10 centimeters! And why not in Vallauris? And most of my beach is that very zealous officials have removed beach chairs. For them, a private beach, sunbathing is lying on mattresses. No sitting. If fuck the world and it makes you want to leave in countries where you can spend a quiet holiday. “

” These rules con “

The behavior vis-à-vis the state visit of King Salman in Vallauris Alpes-Maritimes has clearly not pleased Jean-Pierre Pernaut concludes his message with “Oh I forgot … It makes damn want to go elsewhere … or spinning a large sweep in all these rules at the con. “

From and for some reason, the message has disappeared from the reporter page. A user would have responded to Jean-Pierre Pernaut, pointing out to him that he was “very recovered,” reports Le Figaro. Response interested, “Yes, very reassembled because it gets crazy At work it is already the tassel on holiday, it’s overflowing…” And the presenter to specify all the same that he has no problem with “momentary privatization of a beach for a Head of State.”


Gérard Depardieu banned from entering Ukraine – FranceTV info

with Culturebox (with AFP)

Updated 29 / at 3:21 p.m. 07/2015, issued on 29.07.2015 at 3:18 p.m.

Gérard Depardieu will not enter Ukraine for five years, said the country’s security. A ban likely related to statements of the French actor, that Ukraine is “part of Russia”.

He became a Russian citizen there are more than two years by order of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Gerard Depardieu is banned from entering Ukraine “for five years on request of the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture, “said Olena Guitlianska, spokeswoman of the Ukrainian security service, the SBU.
Although the spokesman did not give further details, several media considered Tuesday that the request of the Ukrainian Ministry have been motivated by some pro-Russian statements of the actor.

Statements that irritate Ukrainians

In August 2014, when fighting between pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian soldiers raged in eastern Ukraine, Gerard Depardieu and had questioned the sovereignty of Ukraine, stating: “I love Russia and Ukraine, which is part of Russia.”

Gerard Depardieu had also defended Russia in September 2014, declaring himself “very proud” of Serbia who had refused to join the European sanctions against Moscow for his role in the Ukrainian conflict.

Depardieu says not to understand the conflict

When asked in May in Cannes, on the situation in Ukraine, the French actor had however said not to understand the Ukrainian situation. “I do not like war, I do not like conflict, because it’s dead,” he said.
Relations between Ukraine and Russia are at their lowest after the annexation by Moscow of Ukrainian Crimean peninsula in March 2014, followed by the pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine that Kiev and Westerners accuse the Kremlin support. The conflict between the two countries has more than 6,500 deaths in fifteen months.

The editorial recommends


Venice Giannoli and Christian Vincent in the running for the Golden Lion – TF1

A remake of the French thriller The Pool (1968) entitled A Bigger Splash , Luca Guadagnino, was selected with three other Italian films, 21 feature films for the Venice Film Festival (September 2-12), the list was revealed Wednesday in Rome. With its cast British actors Ralph Fiennes ( The English Patient , Schindler’s List ) and Tilda Swinton ( Michael Clayton ), the young American Dakota Johnson ( Fifty Shades of Grey ) and the Belgian Schoenaerts ( French Suite , Rust and Bone ), the film is already among the “must-see” festival.

Three other Italian feature films will therefore also be in competition: this is the first time since 2009 that the peninsula will present as many films on the Lido, proving once again – as Cannes where they were three but returned empty-handed – the vitality of Italian cinema. Among them, L’attesa Piero Messina in Sicily describes the expectation of a young boy by two women, French actresses Juliette Binoche (mother) and Lou Laage (the bride). Other film expected: The Danish Girl of Columbia Tom Hooper ( The King’s Speech ), which portrays young compatriot Eddie Redmayne in the true story of a couple of Danish painters in the 1920s

France is also well represented in the new Venice Film Festival with Marguerite “Xavier Giannoli, which tells the passion for classical music an aristocrat (played by Catherine Frot ) of the Roaring Twenties, and The ermine , by Christian Vincent, in which a criminal court judge ( Fabrice Luchini ) found in a trial from the jury a woman he once loved.

Among the other films in competition include the new installment in the Israeli Amos Gitai, Rabin, the last day , as well as the Canadian director Atom Egoyan, entitled Remember With two films, the Latin American cinema stands out as an outsider luxury. in went Desde , the Venezuelan Lorenzo Vigas evokes pedophile and homosexual inclinations of a pharmaceutical company boss fifties, while El Clan by Argentinian Pablo Trapero tells the true story of the family Puccio, specializing in the kidnapping and murder in the 1980

Chaired by Alfonso Cuaron Mexican director, the jury of the 72nd edition includes the French writer and screenwriter Emmanuel Carrère, German actress Diane Kruger and Taiwanese director Hou Hsiao-hsien.


Survival Kit: The Little Prince – BFMTV.COM

A fox that wants to be tamed, a whimsical flower, a little prince to hair like wheat and a sheep in a box. The most vivid memories of all those who read the Little Prince often stop there.

But everybody knows. Everyone has in mind the watercolors of Saint-Exupéry, representing the little boy in his long coat with a red lining. This is French literature’s best-selling book in the world. And the famous “draw me a sheep” is available in 270 languages. While an animated version, inspired by the work of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry out in theaters this Wednesday, plunge back into the disenchanted world of the little prince

& gt. The story in 140 characters (or almost)

“This is a tremendous allegory about our childhood and the desire that it will not disappear” . André Dussollier lends his voice to the aviator in the animated film, summed up in these words, the history of this aviator, crashed in the desert, “to one thousand miles from any inhabited earth.”

The aviator meets a little man, who asks him to draw him a sheep, then tells him his story. The tiny planet, where it comes from, asteroid B612, occupied by baobab trees to pluck, volcanoes to sweep and tidy flower to keep under wraps. But its exploration of other planets, his encounters with a king, a lamplighter, a businessman busy counting the stars he has, a drinker who drinks to forget that he is ashamed of drinking …

The Little Prince is a philosophical tale double reading about love, friendship, the emptiness of the adult world and their occupations.

& gt; Four figures say it all

185 000 000 copies were sold in 1300 editions . Certainly less than Harry Potter sold, sold 450 million copies (but can we compare volumes 93 pages and 8?).

270 languages ​​ and dialects (including Breton, Tagalog or taragonais), The Little Prince is the most translated book after the Bible.

50 francs . The little prince appeared on the ticket 50 francs in 1992. It also saw the face of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, his plane. And the boa of his book, which digests an elephant.

© DR

& gt; The impossible adaptation

Ballets, musicals, plays, animated series, there has certainly been some versions of the story imagined and designed by Saint-Exupery. Not to mention the many audio books. That of Gérard Philippe, first in 1954, followed by many others, read by Jean-Louis Trintignant, Mouloudji, Pierre Arditi and Bernard Giraudeau. Richard Gere has delivered a version in English.

But few directors and directors dared to rub the Little Prince . Orson Welles was the first to have acquired the rights, since 1943. He wanted to make a film interspersed with animated scenes, and work with Walt Disney. Clash of egos, refusal to Disney, the project never emerged.

There will be other film versions, such as the director of Singing in the Rain , Stanley Donen, 1974

& gt. The five sentences

– “Please, draw me a sheep.”

– “Right to self can not go far.”

– “One sees clearly only with the heart is essential is invisible to the eye..”

– “Grown-ups never understand anything by themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them.”

– “If you tame me, then we shall need each other You will be unique in the world for me, I shall be unique in the world for you “

& gt.. Saint-Exupéry and the Little Prince

Written after Terre des hommes and War Pilot , The Little Prince is the latest book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Apparently in 1943, while the writer is in New York, published by an American publisher in French and English. The little prince will be published in France in 1946 by Gallimard, two years after the disappearance of Saint-Exupéry. The pilot crashed into the Mediterranean Sea in 1944, flying his P-38 Lightning, probably shot by a Luftwaffe pilot.

There are many Saint-Exupery The Little Prince , in which you can even see a “discreet autobiography” and writes Michel Quesnel in the preface of the Pleiades. As narrator, writer-pilot crashed in the Libyan desert in 1935. And he tried to tame a fennec in the Mauritanian desert, as he tells Terre des hommes .


The Little Prince he has everything a great? It thinks that the media – TF1

“A poetic and moving experience that allows us to plunge into the wonderful history of Saint-Exupéry and find our inner child. A feature extremely respectful of the tale original and technically managed “. From the lips of our Review movie The Little Prince is undoubtedly the film not to be missed in movie releases of the week.

A pleasure shared by 20 Minutes to which the film offers a treasure trove of inventiveness: “Stop-motion (puppet we do move frame by frame), classic cartoon or cut paper: Mark Osborne juggles with techniques to offer an observation enchantment and many visual surprises. ”

Le Point welcomes a work with a lot of heart, but may lack a little subtlety between “blows of scriptwriting strings and sentimental dialogues “. The film sheets also holds a film has two faces, blending “big machinery and sublime poetry.”

But the magic did not reach all logged and some do not lack eloquence in denouncing “this mass of talent gathered for a variation that becomes questionable, fast enough, betrayal “as so aptly Télérama . A particularly severe due to the character of the little girl “slapping”, “what to do to turn Saint-Ex in his grave …”. Libération is not tender on this project “an infinite ugliness”, assuming that the producers think clearly morons children and “devoid of eyes.”

Judgment severe or earned? In its majority the press seems satisfied with this new version Petit Prince and pending public input is allowed in first the final word: “In terms of cinema is more than a promise Clothing: The Little Prince big screen found here a kind of final form. ” That being said.

Video: The Little Prince, an animated work … and cast

Video: The Little Prince: in behind the scenes of the most anticipated animated film of the summer