Saturday, July 25, 2015

Thomas Dutronc: “I love the job but I would not make my job” – France Soir

“Everybody can not boast Serge Gainsbourg who gave him champagne glasses” . Because inevitably when one is the son of François Hardy and Jacques Dutronc, no one has the same childhood everyone. Guest Saturday morning RTL, singer Thomas Dutronc returned to his childhood as “son of”, his parents, now divorced, his music and his taste for “good wine” and “good bread” .

Presented first as a premium of “a worried hard worker” , the songwriter of 42 years is preferred that ‘to him that he is being told “perfectionist” . “I’m a little anxious, a little confused, it turns a little in my head, I have an eye for detail, we will say” says one whose new album Lord up ‘tomorrow was released last spring.

This is a “title that reminds one could pronounce a sentence in the evening when you have a few drinks,” gives him the journalist To which he replies. “jaime many evenings, I admit I’m not very reasonable when I have a good time (…) these moments are precious . As a friend said to me, I love the work but I would not do my job. The music, I love to do my job I would have to work more, but freedom, this is important. You have to let go. There is a balance to be found. It should be neither too disciplined, not too unruly. (…) For me, the real party is a good wine, good old rum, good drives shared with three to four buddies . “

when asked about his first experience of alcohol, Thomas Dutronc, who admits to having no problem ” a propensity déconnectivité to using natural products … or not “ says ” I was eleven (…) Serge Gainsbourg passed me champagne glasses under the table . My parents are quickly realized, but they let me taste. It made me sick . “” It’s nice, but that’s not what I will call that good melodies like him “, he adds, humility.

Because yes, “not like everyone else” , Thomas Dutronc grew up with Serge Gainsbourg regularly seated alongside his parents. When asked about his childhood singers as as “son of”, he explains: “students, teachers looked at me differently … Love people for my parents was that I was obliged to be respectful. I had a kind of role to assume as if I was a politician obliged to smiles, I had some sort of a facade to manage “.

Today Why not stage name? Why does he keep his father’s name? “I thought about it but I have not found “, is he fun. ” I am crazy enough in life, I thought it was not worthwhile to add more “ added:. ” I assume my name, I don ‘ not have to play a character “.

For Dutron Thomas is proud of his heritage. Also proud that his parents are his. ” My parents are proud of me but do not make me gifts, they say what they think “ says the singer, adding about Françoise Hardy:” my mother hangs on the song Aragon it is a little painful when she likes something she proselytizing to convert everyone, it has a religious fundamentalist side pieces of music she likes “. And to conclude the interview on a selfie with the journalist.


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