Thursday, July 23, 2015

Michael Jackson: 20 unfinished tracks still exist – Le Point

A former sound engineer Michael Jackson, Prince Michael Durham, said Thursday on his own computer even “twenty unpublished” of the star died in June 2009, “all unfinished” in an interview with Parisien . Two posthumous albums of Michael Jackson have already appeared: Michael in 2010 Xscape in 2014. A few months after the death of the “King of Pop”, the house of Sony disc and legatees had signed an agreement with a record amount, valued at the time at more than $ 200 million by the Wall Street Journal .

This agreement provided for the exit seven new albums in ten years, unprecedented mixing and reissues. To date, “there is nothing planned” regarding a possible new posthumous disc, Sony said. The former engineer of the “King of Pop” said he “to [his] computer twenty unreleased Michael Jackson, all unfinished.” “But I have neither the right to write the names of the songs or listen to them for now,” says the Paris Michael Durham Prince, who worked with the star of 1995 to his death.

“I think there will be more albums, but for now, we are more on the idea of ​​unveiling new songs every six months. There is work. Michael did not sing the chorus on the demos, we must find someone to sing. This will inevitably duets, “he said, adding that” it is the family, his heirs, his record company who will decide. ” Michael Jackson died June 25, 2009 at age 50 from an overdose of propofol, an anesthetic administered by his doctor to help cure his insomnia while preparing a series of concerts in London.


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