Friday, July 17, 2015

Anne-Claire Coudray mother of a little Amalya – Le Point

Pink Book on TF1. Journalist Anne-Claire Coudray, which ensures usual replacements Claire Chazal the summer, gave birth on the night of July 15, her first child, a girl named Amalya and weighs 2.8 kg. The announcement was made by his colleague Julien Arnaud, happy to share the news at the end of 20 hours, as is the tradition. The complainant, who was never considered a star and feared the pitfalls of media, simply confirmed the information on his Facebook page, making sure that everyone was well.

Anne-Claire Coudray is first a field journalist, reporter at TF1, a hard worker who says too perfectionist. Earthquake in Haiti, war in Mali, conflict in Ukraine, it was regularly seen on the ground, and her recent pregnancy has not changed its hectic pace. For the ceremonies of July 14, she was still mobilized, showing her curves in a little black dress. Faithful to the position, she carefully prepared the event with the whole team, including Gilles Bouleau, beside which she presented the parade. A final round facing camera track before joining the clinic to open another chapter in his life.

“I did not have much time to lose”

“For a long time I was very happy in a life without children, she explained to Paris Match this spring. But for some time, I wanted to start a family. “Before adding, this time in Télé Loisirs ” This pregnancy is first great personal happiness. I am 38, I did not have much time to lose. I took advantage of my life without children. This was absolutely not a matter of professional sacrifice or something like that, but most things in life … “

Very discreet about her companion, she did not appreciate seeing the Press publish pictures of them on the street, at the announcement of her pregnancy. “I’m a little fell from the cupboard, she admitted later, surprised by the sudden media attention. Already, I was not programmed to cover Paris Match ! “The tribute of 20 hours when you suddenly invite in millions of French who are intrigued necessarily in return for your privacy.

Anne-Claire Coudray should quickly leave the Paris to join his pollution Breton land, including the village of Locmariaquer on the Morbihan Gulf, where she spent her childhood. Her maternity leave should last several months. Meanwhile, a new joker presenter Claire Chazal replace this summer: LCI journalist Audrey Crespo-Mara, who is also the wife of Thierry Ardisson. Blonde and pro, as Claire and Anne-Claire. At TF1, we do not like revolutions.


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