Sunday, July 26, 2015

Madonna has no limit, it compares even Picasso … – Here

32-year career on the clock, Madonna ankles that swell. In an interview with US magazine Billboard , the queen of pop has gone really far in comparing himself to a great painter. “ I like to compare myself to other kinds of artists like Picasso , has she explained. He continued to paint and paint until his death. What For ? Because I guess he felt inspired to do that. Life inspired him, he had to continue to express themselves and that’s what I feel . “

After 13 albums, Madonna did not therefore intend to ending his career, quite the contrary. “ I do not think there is a moment, an expiration date to be creative. I think you will continue to have nothing more to say , “continued the American singer, who will launch his world tour, Rebel Heart Tour , on 9 September.

This is not the first time Madonna dares compare to a big name. Last January, the star had caused an outcry by comparing himself to Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and Bob Marley. Taking up the codes of the cover of his new album Rebel Heart , it has published a series of collages featuring judged rebel personalities. Very quickly, users cried foul saying he was unworthy to use these great figures for promotional purposes.


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