Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Gambit with Léa Seydoux without … Channing Tatum? – Screenrush

A few months of filming, “Gambit” will perhaps have to find a new lead actor, because Channing Tatum could leave this spin-off of “X-Men”.

Everything was going well in the best of worlds Gambit side: while Channing Tatum regularly evoked his passion and his preparation for the role of the Cajun mutant, the movie was found in the person of director Rupert Wyatt and filming was scheduled for the month of octore, to output a year later. Until thunderclap and the announcement of The Wrap , in which the spin-off of the X-Men could lose its lead actor …

== & gt;. Despite a beautiful family picture at Comic-Con San Diego

Creative Disputes order? Worry Fox about the ability of Tatum to wear a big budget, after Jupiter failure? No reason was Advanced but an inside source confirms that there “something good” and that discussions are still ongoing with the studio. Which could be forced to seek a replacement at a speed able to rival Flash if he wants the film to be in theaters in October 2016.

On the verge of, perhaps, be without lead actor, Gambit, however, could find his female lead shortly. And in France at that. The Wrap reports indeed that tests were conducted with several actresses, including Lea Seydoux. Expected in the casting of 007 Spectrum in November, it could be the second Frenchie to integrate saga X-Men, after Omar Sy in Days of Future Past, and offer a third franchise after his appearances in Mission: Impossible and with James Bond. Pretty charts

Channing Tatum will have at least participated in selfie great Stan Lee.

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