Thursday, July 30, 2015

Filippetti, pregnant, attack Paris Match for photos alongside Montebourg – Le Parisien

RT | Jul 30 2015, 24:13 |. Update: 30 Jul 2015, 1:08 p.m.

<. p> The couple were offered an enchanted Greece, the Athens side.

This is already the weekly people who had revealed to France this union within the left in August 2014. Today, the Vice President of Habitat France and the Moselle MP are ever bonded to each other. The couple already has children from other unions: he, aged 52, has two children, Paul and Adèle; she, 42, has a daughter, Clara. According to the weekly, is scheduled for delivery in four months. Nothing has leaked on sex or surname of the child.

Aurélie Filippetti attack Paris-Match

The lawyer Aurélie Filippetti said Thursday that it would go to court for “violation of the right to respect for private life”, following the publication in Paris-Match photos of her pregnant client alongside his companion, Arnaud Montebourg.

“Aurélie Filippetti, which I am the lawyer instructed my office to continue the unacceptable violation of the entitlement to respect for his private and family life, “writes in a press release that Mr. Vincent Toledano said also aim” the violation of the right to image “in his assignment.

” Freedom of the press to which it is attached can not justify the unauthorized publication by the Paris-Match magazine, in defiance of its discretion will, stolen shots surprising strictly private moments of privacy and relaxation, “said the lawyer warns that the member for Moselle and former Minister of Culture and Communication” implies that their dignity is respected woman and seize any justice breach of this fundamental right. “

The weekly published Thursday shows coverage Aurélie Filippetti pregnant, in a swimsuit on the terrace of a hotel in Athens. At his side, the former Minister of the Economy, polo and jeans, is lying on a lounge chair. The photo caption, the newspaper dated July 28, proclaims: “Montebourg Filippetti: the love story continues. And soon the baby. “

The deputy managing editor of Paris-Match, Régis Le Sommier, has justified the publication. “It is completely legitimate that we do. With Arnaud Montebourg and Aurélie Filippetti, we are facing a political couple that interests the public. It reveals nothing, the pregnancy was known. Our role is to tell the lives of famous people, that is what we do. The photos were taken in a hotel in Greece, we see people around: the place is semi-public, “he argued

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